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I played your game on my channel! I LOVE your graphics. The sound really creates a driving sense throughout the game and the story telling makes me want to keep playing. I will post a part 2 soon!

This video will be available at 9am on 9/28/17

I played this game on my channel! I really enjoyed what y'all did here. Great atmosphere. The graphics are adorable! I look forward to playing the rest of it!! :D

Hey! Loved the game. It was really nicely designed and fun to play. I made a video on my channel for it. :) 

Hey! I just played your game today and it's great! Took me a minute to get a hang of what I was actually supposed to do, but once I did it was addicting! The game graphics are really cute. Nicely done!

Here's my gameplay: (Will be available 9/21/17 at 9am CST)