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Man, this was actually a pretty cool game. While certain mechanics could get repetitive from time to time, I thought it was really cool how you mixed up the routine for the bargaining house. Having a time mechanic was a really nice change of pace! 

The writing was also really nice. It was subtle, but hit hard when it needed to. I thought you went about it well, revealing certain things about the characters life over time. Walking out of the last house after reading the final journal entry, and being confronted with its contents, actually got me pretty good. I thought it was really clever how you set that up from the start; it made the reveal a lot more punchy. 

(The gnomes were a little much tho lol)

Overall, interesting game! Keep it up, y'all!

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the pizza is real to me c:


Overall, nice game! Had a cute art style, and it felt pretty satisfying when you figured out an obstacle. I also liked the idea that you went for for the "joined together" theme. I thought it was cool how you took it literally and made it into a mechanic. The only thing that was a bit hard was that is was difficult at times to tell the path that your swing would follow. But that's probably all on me haha. Good job guys!

I appreciate the TAZ reference ;)

Thanks for the help, dev team! I appreciate it. I look forward to what you guys have in store!


This game looks amazing, and I'd love to experience it! Problem is, whenever I try to play the game it's kind of laggy and the driving ends up bugging out (usually I get stuck and then it sends me flying back). I'm assuming that this is because I might not have a good enough computer to run it. I know that on the game page it said you need a more modern GPU, CPU, and RAM, but what are the specific requirements for these three things? 


I think this is a really cute game with potential! Sadly, I wasn't able to get far since I couldn't get the honey, but I liked what I saw. I can tell this game already has a lot of personality and charm, from the town's design to the character's dialogue. There are however some bugs, as to be expected from a game that's still in development. Sometimes when I finished talking to npcs, a blank dialogue box would stay on screen and I'd have to quit and load up the game to get out of it. Also, sometimes the npc's dialogue box picture or their text would appear when speaking to a different npc. 

I'm excited to see where this game goes! Keep at it, devs. You've got a good start on your hands.

I enjoyed this short but interesting point and click horror game! If you're a fan of shows like The Twilight Zone, this is definitely the game for you.  


  • Pixel art - The monotone color scheme used fits well with the game's atmosphere, as well as selling the creepy environment. It's pleasant to look at and cleanly drawn. Additionally, I admire that the artist was able to use black and white colors well. It can be a bit challenging to balance between high and low contrast, but I think the artist does this very well and in a way that makes clear and visually appealing graphics.
  • Aesthetic - From the sound of the tv turning on in the very beginning, to the style of narration, this games sells the aesthetic of old 60s horror and mystery shows very well.
  • Storytelling - While this game is mostly without text, it still manages to get a story across through the use of pictures and scene composition. Subtle environment details do a great job of communicating the story, allowing the player to piece together what happened without ever saying a word.
  • Gameplay - This is a game that's accessible to those new and familiar with the point and click genre. The puzzles aren't too hard to solve, but still feel satisfying to figure out. Additionally, I think the game does a really good job of nudging the player in the right direction. Claire's reactions to the player's actions help communicate what they should do next. This is a place where I see a lot of point and clicks fall short - some people get turned away from the genre because of little guidance from the game or the trope of " try each object with everything you can interact with." This game doesn't suffer from this at all.


  • Length - While I think that the game does a good job of storytelling, I feel like having a bit more to the game would support the story and the creepy atmosphere. The puzzles that are there are fun, but I wish there were some more to do.
  • Story - While the storytelling itself is really good and well-polished, the story felt a little lack luster to me. I think the game does a good job of establishing the relationships of those relating to the story, but the ending seemed a little abrupt and didn't have enough build up to make it impactful (this is just my opinion). I think a bit more time into the story and some development of the story in between the beginning and the end would sell the reveal more.
  • Controls - This is moreso of a nitpick than anything else, but I do wish that the character could continuously move across the screen (maybe by holding down the mouse button?) rather than having to keep clicking to move Claire from one end of a scene to another. Since the clicking makes her movements a little broken up, I feel like this would help with the pacing a bit. Again, this is just a nitpick and it doesn't take away from the game at all, I just thought I'd write it down.


I'd recommend checking this game out! It's a short, fun, and creepy experience that I think many will enjoy. If you're into this game, why not check out more of the developers games or support them on patreon? I think it's well worth it.