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I JUSST FOUND A EASTER EGG!! when the game start, i will always put a custom name "Chase" on every visual novel that can change name on it, because the first game i played is echo, but when I just put it on the coffee cup scene I got freaked out when Roswell said he expect Chase look like an otter, so i go back and put random names, 3 or 4 times, its a different dialogue..

I got congratulated and became FRIENDS! with smiley face on my first interview, there so much convetti :) even the result shows I was a cool and awesome.. is it because I'm really that depressed or I didn't really care much about my life... even after the game ended, I was cried happy that someone just gives me a compliment that I thought I never gonna heard again..

i just make ctrl+w to continue, an when i pressed it, you know what happends... that realization hits me...

damn, I once think.. basically on a visual novel, why does the protagonist would be a human in a anthropomorphic world? and what would happens when the situations are reversed for once... and here it is, That VN I always wondered about finally exist...

does the side character doesn't fully showed yet ? Like Hanok, and zold is displayed as thomas shadow. 

awokowok muncul di reccomended list, kirain game typing doang eh pake bahasa indonesia dong 🗿