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Hey glad you're enjoying it :D
We will be doing more to help the enemies stand out a bit better, mostly via brightmaps so that they're a bit brighter to see at baseline, and show up clearer when they are attacking. The Dreads (imp like) are a good example of an enemy that definitely blends in a bit too well.
We can definitely look at a scaling pain effect getting more intense as you get closer to death as well (I think you're the first person to raise that?).

Thanks for playing!

There will be a Linux build at some point (and hopefully a Mac one too) but that'll probably be after a few rounds of bugfixing. I'll need to pick the brains of one of the GZDoom devs to find out how best to make Linux/Mac builds.

What's your gpu? The shaders can cause a crash with certain (usually old) graphics card drivers.
And what are you doing to load the game? Just running the .exe?

Thanks for playing :D Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for playing and making a video :D
I'll be watching when I get home. Just curious on what you mean by more balance on difficulty progression. Do you mean the difficulty curve throughout the map? Does it start too easy or too hard? (Also what difficulty did you play on).


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