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Could you describe the issue a little more? What about the first dates is giving you trouble?

We will start translating the game once it is fully complete and the scripts are finalized.

Yes. We are still actively working on the game and the story is far from over. :) 5 dates with each of the girls are planned.


Thank you so much :) Even if you choose not to donate, you kind words are appreciated. :)

You need to have the exe and all the files in one folder. If that does not work, try administrator mode 

An iPhone port is not possible due to the original creator's stance on distribution, but an Android port may be possible.

We will definitely look into translating the game once the script is finalized.

We will definitely look into translating the game once the script is finalized.

Did you extract the game out of the zip. If you do that, then you should be able to save and load normally.

Yes. We will have a new update for you soon. :)

Thank you. :) Should I credit you as Potat0Master? Or do you prefer something else?

Am I free to use these backgrounds in my project? It will not cost anything and I will provide credit to you.

There is a certain demon that you still have yet to find...the guardian of the abyss... ;)

Of course! Go right ahead and play it on stream. :) I'll even stop by and say hello if you'd like.

Una vez que el juego esté terminado, planeamos traducirlo.

Thanks for the feedback. Our writers appreciate knowing what they could improve on and do better. :)

You can always donate to us here or on paypal if you like. It helps out a lot. :)

The original creator explicitly said to keep the game off of the App Store and Google Play, so it's not likely.

Basically, now the email is blacklisted from Patreon We can't sign up again using the email even if we tried. 

We actually had a Patreon for a short time, but due to unfortunate circumstances and reasons Patreon won't tell us, it got removed.

We're not exactly sure on an exact date, but most likely in the later half of the year.

Sadly, the game does not run on a 32-bit platform anymore. That feature was removed from the engine we used to make the game in early 2018.

If it worked for you before, but now it doesn't... Did you... move the file location since the last time you opened it?

Not exactly. There's one character still waiting for you to find her.

Potentially. I'd have to test out a few things with the newest build, but it's a definite maybe.

No. We most likely will not make an android version due to the ooriginal creator's wishes.

No. This is a demo.

Game is running in the TyranoBuilder game engine.

We're definitely considering it. Once all the sprites are drawn and we get closer to a final game, we'll see.

The final game will be free since the original was free as well. The game will most likely stay on Itch since VanRipper has publicly stated that he wants fangames to avoid big platforms like Steam.

There will be some NSFW content in the final game, but not the demos. You can also toggle the NSFW on or off if you so desire.

If you extract the game to a separate folder, the game should keep your saves just fine, no extra extracting required. Just make sure that all of the files are in that extracted folder and you should be good.

Not at the moment, unfortunately.

You have to take the file out of the ZIP folder and then launch it

I do not unfortunately. Do the downloads show up for you as zip files?

That's interesting. It should be a zip file after downloading.