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nice :)

OOOh I love this! It's so beautiful but at the same time... creepy?
That way it rebuilds itself is way too organic to not suggest some weirdness eheheh (also, is that blood stains on the teleports?)
Some lurking stuff and codex entries would add some nice depth :D

A suggestion if I may; that'd be cool to use LMB & RMB both as triggers, so we can use the flares and the hole gun / pick axe without having to switch too much

btw I managed to crash it while digging here and there, got the crashdump just tell me if you want it.

I gonna keep a close eye on that project!

This is great :)

Really loved everything about it, can't wait to see what's next!

Hey! Thanks for the feedback, it worked like a charm!
I'll give it a playthrough soon enough :)

Hi! Got "RGSS-RTP standard not found" at launching which closes the game when clicking "ok"
(I've installed the fonts but doesn't solve it)
Any idea?