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I downloaded this game but it's not opening on my computer T_T

Yeah. Every time. Except when I would get 2 points for doing a level on expert

Yeah. I went back and realized that my right arrow key was being a little sticky. It upped my health without me noticing.

Also, I don't think it gave me a skill point for level 5 when I played it on normal.

So, like, after I noticed that I could replay levels and get more skill points, I started a second file and just replayed level 1 a bunch until I had, like, 30 skill points. And then I just played through the game like normal from then out and, if I got more skill points after I had maxed everything out, it just wouldn't let me leave the attribute screen.

Okay, so I absolutely love this game. I've been playing almost nonstop for the past week. But there is a minor issue. If I go back and replay a level I've beaten already, like doing Plague over and over to try and get an achievement for killing so many enemies, I continue to get skill points from each win. And then I end up maxing out my stats while there are still levels that I haven't completed. But it won't let me apply my stats and move to the next level if I have unspent skill points.

I'm having the same issue on Windows 7.

Yeah, so I downloaded the game from the Bundle for Racial Equality. When I opened it, the game stays on a bright pink screen until I hit the escape key. Then it goes to the loading screen and then returns to the solid pink screen.