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No worries at all! We've already taken care of it~

As for gpt4all as a replacement for ChatGPT, it's an interesting topic that can spark a fun tech discussion! If so you can join our discord and DM us we can discuss it further!

We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble, and we appreciate your patience! Your concerns have been heard loud and clear. 

Our tech gnomes are currently developing a new version of the game that won't require an API key at all. This should make things much smoother and let you focus on what's important - having fun! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

In the meantime, from what I heard that if you register a new OpenAI account with a different phone number and Gmail, it should net you another $5 free credits. Maybe this is a possible way to give a try..

Hang in there, and thank you for your understanding and support! 

Hello BrxenDev, you sure did a ninja move there, we're impressed! Your tech wizardry made us all go "Wow!" But here's a gentle reminder, our lovely yandere girl likes to play hide-and-seek, and she's a bit shy about her core system prompts being shared just yet. Let's give her some privacy  (^‿^✿)

Apologies for any confusion caused, and thank you for your understanding! Keep enjoying the game! (❁´◡`❁)

Got it! I've uploaded the Linux ver, can you try it out?

You have it! I just uploaded a Linux version!

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😅Oops our server was temporarily offline yesterday. Can you try to redownload the latest build, then give it another try?

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Oops, we're so sorry! 🥺 Our server was temporarily taking a little break and offline yesterday. Can you please try to download the latest version and run it again? 

Thanks so much for your support! Absolutely, I am convinced that AI-powered game characters will significantly transform the future of game development!

Thanks for playing!!! Haha for this food delivery game it's just a tech demo for testing our server, but in the future we may add customization for the AI girlfriend game~ 

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I want to emphasize again that we did not use any AI art generation models (such as diffusion models, mid-journey, etc.) in this game. We have no reason to utilize AI art in a game jam meant for fun and deliberately not mention it, as that just doesn't make any sense to me.

Moreover, would you provide any "process videos can be generated by AI as well as screenshots of works in progress." (Can AI generate a coherent hand-drawn sketch process video in the same style, stroke-by-stroke, like our painting process video? It seems you might be overestimating AI technology.

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We didn't use any image generator in the game. ALL the images and characters are DRAWN BY HUMAN from scratch, we are digital artists long before AI art tools coming out

Here is the drawing process video for the game: 

The 'Prompt Engineer' in the description means we used some specific way in the initial text prompt for ChatGPT dialogue generation, so the NPC has more personalities in the game. Not the art / image.

Virus detection is checking the file against a checksum. If somehow the build file contains this checksum anywhere, its marked as infected (which it is not). I think that may be the reason.

I just quickly rebuild the win version by upgrading my Unity Game Engine. Let me know if the new uploaded build solves the issue!

That's werid.. It should be a false positive. And since the file is quarantined, the game will not work properly. What anti-virus software are you using? I can submit this file to them to get it fixed

She's definitely very cute! (and always stay sharp ;P)

Got it! I've found the solution, it should be fixed in the next version!

Thank you for the testing!

It seems like the Open AI servers at your region are a little bit overloaded, normally the AI should response in 2-3 sec though. I got that kind of issue one week ago when the OpenAI API is stuck with requests in my city. 

I just overwrite upload a "V1.03" version that increase the ignoring timer so that the AI will not that easy to send ignore message 👍

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Yup The Open AI servers are overloaded on your region is the actual reason.. normally the AI should response in 2-3 sec though. I got that kind of issue one week ago when the OpenAI API is stuck with requests. 

I just overwrite upload a "V1.03" version that increase the ignoring timer so that the AI will not that easy to send ignore message 👍

Thank you for playing!! Can you try the V1.03 see if the delay improves?

That drink & dring part LOL, thank you for playing!!

Thanks for the feedback! I think I know the reason for delay, can you try out the V1.03 version we just updated to see if it's improved..

Just pushed V1.03 update, can you try again to see if the delay improved?

If it's on mac with "unidentified developer" issue, you can try to right click on the file and open it

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Yup, we are thinking to build a solution for running it on local. Like using gpt4all or llama lora etc. It's not that easy though (the game needs AI model to not only have ability to reply message, but also can output a specific set of values to control the emotions of the AI character) and may take quite some time to create a dataset for the training, hopefully we can make it possible in the future!

What is your PC spec? We've ran it smoothly on 2080super / 2080ti. I can add a quality changing function in settings page in the future as well!

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We apologize if you have encountered any issues while playing this demo. If the API Key is not working, mostly it should because of the OpenAI side (trial expired, regional IP address is banned etc.) We are looking for a better solution in the future.

On the other hand, we want to clarify that our game is definitely NOT a virus, and we are not affiliated with any malicious software or collecting any user data in this tech demo.

PS. It's important to treat all developers and users with respect, regardless of their nationality. Let's avoid making assumptions based on race or ethnicity.


It may because in the installed directory one of the folders is not in English. Let me know if that solves your problem

There may be an outage from OpenAI. Can you check to see if it's working now? It seems working fine on my pc

Will do!

Thanks for playing!!

It's working on my side.. The issue maybe from the API side, I'll update a version with more clear error message output (currently whenever there is error message from API, it will be replace by “Don`t say that! That makes me embrassed..”)

Just checked. It's working on my side.. The issue maybe from the API side, I'll update a version with more clear error message output

It's working on my side, I guess chatGPT has outage in the morning?


Very innovative game design! Love it!

160! Great game!

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Please share your artworks in the comments!! Looking really forward to checking that out!!!

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Great job! Really love it Nicky!