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Very innovative game design! Love it!

160! Great game!

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Please share your artworks in the comments!! Looking really forward to checking that out!!!

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Great job! Really love it Nicky!


Cool game. 

Also found out the middle mouse button can create enemies XD, got overwhelmed by them...

I think it's around 20 sec per frame on 3090, and in the end I didn't split the video for saving memory, just turn off not necessary software and try one or two more times, it worked!~ BTW I’m using RIFE now it's much more faster for interpolating videos on 3090 (for 1080p frame it's like 1 sec per frame ;D)

Thank you so much!! I'll try it out~ XD

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Hello GRisk!~

Recently I'm transferring from Dain to Rife, just wondering if there is an equal function like "Mode 3: Adaptive Record timestamps then remove duplicate frames (won't alter animation speed)" from DAIN App in RIFE App?

It's kinda crucial for interpolating archive b&w footage cause most of the time the framerate is irregular with duplicate frames in between...

Yeah that's kinda weird, sometime the occupied memory went to over 20GB. I guess it's because my input video is a bit too large (7min 1440x1080px)

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Hello GRisk!

First of all thank you for making DAINAPP! I've been using it a lot since last year and so far so great! (+purchased 1.0 version for support <3)

Recently I switched to 3090 for AI stuffs, in DAINAPP when using mode 3 for interpolating, the app seems to stop working around every 4 hours, no popup window / error message or log showing on the command screen at all, the number just stopped changing.. (It was working fine for the first 4 hours. also noticed Dainapp process took 168000mb memory in the task manager..)

My desktop is Aurora r11 with 3090 CUDA 11.1, all power & sleep modes have been set to "Never".

Is there any possible reason causing this problem?

Thank you!

Looks so cool!

Wow this is so coool!

Gonna follow it up~

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Tried to use ⑨ to fight against Yuyuko at the last map. It's pretty much like a hardcore boss fight!

Love it!

Wow! Really love this one!! So cuuuute!

This one is my childhood trauma...

❤ Strange Telephone~

Weird style but I love it!



Beat expert difficulty!Bowman army is just imba!

Nice game! -1:18s XD

ヽ( ^∀^)ノ


Great game!! 2 bosse fights are very intense!

Love the style!

LOL. It's so funny! GJ!

Wow such a great style! Thank you for making this game!

Back to old days...

ʅ(‾ ◡  ‾ )ʃ




Thank you!~