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this game made me forklift certified 10/10

very funky

i played this game a while back after getting into VE, but just wanted to post a comment after the release of volume 12: this game goes so hard that it is actually unreal, like seriously its one of the best games i have ever played. everything about it is so good and especially since v12 released the end was so hype (spoilers from here on)

weird al showing up was just so unexpected and felt genuinely terrifying and the final death scene was a brilliant finale as secily bleeds out and just everything about it had me in tears in a good way 10/10 made me question my morality (i was gonna say things about other chapters but too emotionally messed up rn)

i'm gonna be honest i just compared a screenshot of it to the one on cemetary mary

from what i can tell it says "wish granted"

very cool!

Man this game is good, I especially enjoyed the way every bad ending seemed to build up with one of the dolorosa bad ends being mentioned in the mindfang route and also like just the "one of us" ending for the grand highblood is just genuinely one of the most horrific endings in a game i've played. Good job all around.

tbh thats kinda why ronins probably my favourite, although maybe he should get a bit of a buff? like maybe buffed health or something could be fun

Very fun game, each of the characters is fun and unique. The turn ability is very useful and I'm happy that the bomb's slot got a better use. btw, do you know if mod creation would be possible?

Great puzzles dog/10

I really like this game, the different units were all unique and gameplay never got stale, with a genuine challenge near the end

The finished version is really fun, I like the style especially

Good Start!

Yea I guess

Is the update related to the anvil and fridge icons in the menu?

Thanks for the guide!

Does anyone know the best items?

I once got 3 rings of courage and didn't get 1 cursed shield

A great game! I like the open ended style

Great art! I really like the 1 bit style and cool theming.

It's massively polished, but doesn't have much content. It achieves everything it tries to do, other than maybe add some more stages or something. 8.5/10

This game is epic, the amount of content for a demo is astounding, and the concept of the game is brilliant. also foreshadowing goes BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Really good game! The ninja is especially cool

10/10, would pay 5 pounds for it

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It's a really good game, but Rollerpig is a bit op whilst fun, maybe make it the final character? The other characters feel weird after playing Roller

I did it!

It's really good but a bit too hard for me.

The game is great but it feels a little too spooky

Me too

Maybe go for lunch?

What do you use for the lockpick