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I really enjoyed the game, and appreciated how you didn't make this game like Dance Dance Revolution. I noticed that I don't die at one hit by other dancers, so can the player know how many lives she has? Also, the counting timer on the bottom left just goes off even before starting the game, so not sure what the aim is there in general. What does the time tracker add to the game? 

Also, I'd appreciate if there were moments in the game when the choreography of the dance allows for more opportunity for player to get the flower and touch the X. I felt that there's lots of space in the beginning before they start dancing, but it would be nice if the player doesn't have to feel like the point is to do everything before the dance starts. 

Good work :)!

I used to love Shin-Chan cartoon when I was little, so it's so nice to see you make a game with him as the player! I personally am not a fan of the walls being able to kill me, I wish it came in other forms (obstacles, attackers, etc.). BGM please :) good work

Amazing aesthetics! Love all the character/set/music assets. 

Some things that came up:

1. I wish the player didn't change, b/c I want it to be a journey for me as an alien going through space. When I got to the next level, I was looking for my character, and took me a sec to figure out that the green alien is suddenly myself now. 

2. I thought it would be cool since planets can be pushed around, if the player needs to push and get the planet balls into the space portal to get to the next scene. 

Good work! :)

Cool game! I'm not familiar with the mirror adventure game, but loving the visual aesthetics and music. I wish the player also had the bitmap look like the rest of the assets, because right now the circle is too sharp for me. Good job :)

This game is so fun! It feels like you put in careful thought designing the set for the game, to make the difficulty just right. I appreciate how the walls are spaced out perfectly in relation to the coke's height because it naturally makes the player find other ways to get to places. Love the bouncy sound, more sound please. Great job!

I remember playing this and loving the way you handled creating the space with a floor map of a house. Please add some music and it would give more credit to your game as the aesthetic and story line was carefully thought out in your creation. Also, I think a timer till momma comes back would complete this game. 

good work :)

Hi, despite how simple the game is, I really enjoyed playing it. I think it's because it's simple and the time to finish playing matches, so wasn't frustrating at all. 

At first, I didn't know that I had to be selective and not collect 2 salts ( I guess too much sodium is deadly?). 

So I ended up going to the losing scene, and when I tried to click to play again, the button doesn't work (I just refreshed the pg to do it again).

Good work :)

The idea of the game is really great! I love how you took time to animate the fly's wings to flutter, and you've added sound effects to everything!!

Some things to keep in mind:

1. I wish the bgm doesn't start again from the beginning when I go to the next level. It brings a pause to the game, and I wish that didn't happen b/c im so into playing it. 

2. Like how you show score at the end, but im guessing the score will be the same every game if you win. Maybe can also display how long it took for the player to finish, then it's more incentive to keep on trying to beat my time.

Good job :)

Nice selection of the bgm to fit the eerie feeling of the game, where the player has to collect body parts! 

As you noted, some things to develop:

1. More indication showing which body parts I have left to collect and which body parts I've pieced together. 

2. The blood doesn't feel like a bonus right now.

3. Any obstacles?

4. Aspect ratio looking a little off. 

Good work! :)

Hi, gracie! I'd love to play your game but I don't see it on the web and I have a mac so I can't download the windows version you offer. But cute jelly shark :)

Such a cute game! I think it would be nice if cookies are worth something, or there's a inventory of number of cookies that needs to be collected in order to get the key to open the door for nxt lvl. Also adding sound effects for collecting cookies and when the cat gets hurt by things would complete the game more :) good work

Cute baby chick:)

Some suggestions:

1. I gathered all eggs I found to be there, not sure what happens next. 

2. The brown chicken seems to be the enemy, but he's cropped in the bottom right corner and doesn't have much presence (not intimidating at all, i can just avoid him easily). 

3. Some intuition in getting the trapped eggs feels a little off, like on the top right, I expect myself to enter through the door, but I had to go from the floor.

4. Music would be nice. 

Good work :)

The game has a really strong concept, and I love seeing things from the crab's point of view. The visuals, and the water sound definitely gets me excited for the summer! 

Some things to consider:

1. The bars decrease really fast.

2. Screenshot below, most of the time the space to jump was working fine and at a point, it took me really high up in the sky where I was over-watching the entire scene below, as if I was a flying crab.

Good work :)

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Hi guys! Appreciate the concept of the game as we are living in it right now lol 

Some things to consider:

1. Add more interactions to make it an experience

2. I got out of the train, and looking around, the station feels like a stage set. Adding floor, ceiling, walls, would be nice. 

3. Building in a way that player can't see the Unity's default 3d setting. 

4. I can enter the open space and fall down, out of the scene.

Good work! :)

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Hi guys, lovely job with the concept and illustration!! I didn't know at first that you have to use the up arrow key to pick up the friend, so I was walking around very stuck. I had to use some clues you list above here to get to the next scene.

Something that happened in my play:

In the next scene, as you use different alphabet keys as the platform, I felt that I should press those particular keys as I go on the platforms. However, I don't think there's any penalty for not pressing those specific keys so maybe you want to make that more clear. 

Also I'm sharing screenshot below, but I tried enter with the friend picked up, but didn't go to the next scene.

Good work :)

Hi, I love the idea of building blocks to help myself up and also being able to use shooting for multiple things, like killing the enemy and destroying boxes.

Some things that came into mind:

1. I see that the screen ratio is very vertical, I get that the player needs to go up in the game, but can it be sufficient enough with just applying cinemachine? I think unless you're going to turn this into a mobile game, the spec doesn't need to be that vertically long. I

2. Wondering about the theme of the game, fashion, and I wish there were more connection with the actions, rather than fashion being visually seen on the boxes. Finding ways to weave it into the game will def. make it stronger!

Good work guys :)

Hi guys! the chalkboard kid-like drawing look is very playful and the bgm accompanies it very well. The game is too hard even from the start, so I can't get passed going up one step.. Try to make the difficulty progress as the player moves through the environment. 

Good work!!:)

Love the game's narrative and it is very polished! The spirit is animated really well, and you guys did amazing illustrating everything. Also, not being the best gamer out there, I appreciate there being a -1 lvl as well. 

Some things to keep in mind:

1. in -1 lvl I felt like maybe there's too much of the collectable things when you only need 10, so makes it super easy (maybe that's what you want). Some collectables on the top were not being collected. 

2. Door is hard to find as I am able to move in the space up down left and right.

Good work guys! ;)

Ardak, I loved experience playing the game! You put in a lot of effort into building the different environments per door, and it really shows and helps the player be immersed in the setting. A question I had was, I got key to unlock a door and I went and explored the opened space, but do I have to go back to the main maze space every time? can i somehow collect more things in the space that just opened up and follow from there?

Good work:)!!

Hi guys, this game had definitely a spooky and uncomfortable feel to it when I was playing, and it works out well with the message you're trying to get across with the game. Few things to consider:

1. Instruction telling what to do

2. Have more lives? or make it so that both hands have to get detached instead of just one hand (too easy to die)

3. do i need to collect the ropes to win? or can i just go up ?
Good work!! :)

Hi! I wanted to try out the game but I don't see a web build and just the windows download i use mac :( 

I'll comment based on what you showed in class. 

Loved the entire cute look to the game, the illustrations and the voice makes it super kawaii > < I also find the petri dish and lab setting really interesting. 

As you said, I'd love to see the game develop further and also have some winning/losing component. Also, different tam-tams being worth different values, doing different things, and wonder if they grow what do they become?

Good work!!!

Hi Irene, good work with your final!! I felt like your game had the most impressive visual, and the story is also really interesting. I remember from the play-testing earlier that you talked about doing 1d, 2d, and 3d, for different stages of the game as it progresses, and I'd love to see that in the final game. I see that you say it's still developing, so I'm excited to check it out later when its complete :)  

Hi guys, good work with the final! I was really impressed overall how you guys managed to make an AR game, given the amount of time we had for this project. I think to develop this game further, it would be amazing to have a place where the player can have a log of all the collected items, like an inventory :) 

Good job guys!! I applaud you for incorporating AR with arduino, which I think is taking on beyond what we learned in class and applying it to further uses. It would be fun to make the fruits have varying sounds, points, and have a mechanism where you can also have your points deducted. : )

Guys, I loved the idea of a food delivery game & your trailer was amazing. Some things to consider for future development: 1. player can go through cars on street right now, 2. having to click 'accept' to start the game isn't really clear. Also b/c the starting position is on the street I don't have a hint that I'm picking up pizza from the store to deliver. 3. Still getting stuck on some parts of the map. 4. the blue/red circles weren't appearing for me to tell me where to go. 

Good work :)

this game is definitely very original, the combination of tulips, bg music, and the flat aesthetics of scene&character. things noticed during playing: size of player is too similar to the size of a stair so kind of gets stuck when i jump to next stairs. i collected the tulips in the indoor space and then when i tried to go outside, i was brought back to the start scene so i couldnt make any potions..

i remember playtesting this game during last class and loved the visual design! especially how it has puppy as the main player :) noticed you added more elements to next level (2 in this case, i couldn't get to 3), and i think you will benefit from giving player more lives so that they don't have to start all over from lvl1.

hey guys! love the smiley face its animated really well, and enjoy the story/game concept a lot :) one thing that came up for me when i was playing was that by controlling the jump, it seems like i can go from social media boxes directly to other social media boxes, so wanted to see what the game would feel like if the player needs to go on the chat bubbles on their way. as others said, more music could be fun--very nice overall!

Love the dreamy aesthetics you have going on in the game! Also, I find the flow of the game really clever, how object gives hidden message on the walls, and also keeping the scenes kind of all in one feels like the player is stuck inside her mind. One thing I wish is that the ending has some kind of a resolution, either bringing player back to the start or showing some text indicating.

Great job!

The music and the visual setting is working together really great! I downloaded the game at night but played it just now once I woke up b/c it looked v scary lol 

I love the flashlight feature and the different elements you put in the scene to add nice layers, like the closet door moving, and the player needing to find the objects within given time before gets hit by the zombie. I got to the second room pretty easily and then for some reason I had hard time picking up the key and the glasses, but your spoilers are helpful to know so I'll keep them in mind when I play next time!

Love your graphics and the sound makes it such a happy fun game! A couple of points—I find the player moving a little slow, and the candy arrow flying horizontally came so fast that I got sandwiched between the wall and the waffle. It left me stuck and I can't seem to restart the game. Maybe have the player lose life and start over automatically or allow the player to move out from the stuck position?

Great job !!

Wow the camera paneling is really great! I also appreciate your narrative for being unique. Creating electricity is an interesting aspect, and I agree with @CrystalTan for mentioning there being some kind of a use/purpose for the collected electricity. If it were to give scores, maybe different interactions can give different scores. Also, I found it a little difficult to keep track of which objects were okay to touch and which were bad.

Wow I love the cute pizza character! I think food is a common generic game topic, so can turn out obvious, but you made the narrative so unique that I was having a lot of fun while playing the game despite it being a simple mechanism. Would be interested to see it benefit from sound as well!

Yes I also agree. It's a simple game so I think having short intro on the title page would be nice. Because I just went straight into the game and assumed the bunny will want to eat all the fruits (didn't notice the color differences in banana initially), so ended up dying right away lol

Love the bunny! Also the entire visual makes it look like the setting is in the outer space (floating fruits with dark background), which creates a very unique aesthetic for me, the cute items juxtaposed to the deep infinite space which can be scary). I'd be interested to see how this would look once there's more animation. Could change the still, quite look that I'm getting right now, which I think works well for outer space feel, but would be fun to test out!

I love the concept of your game! Especially how there are two ways to get points (keys and money), and that it detracts from the score when the player hits the enemy. I agree with you that introducing debt to the game will create interesting situation, and also wonder if you consider the player being hurt other than score decrease. Great job!