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Hey there!

Really enjoyed the updated demo.
As with before, I played it on stream with my chat and we had a blast. A lot of them hadn't seen the previous demo, so were coming in fresh. =]
Here is the VOD, as requested last time. Hopefully you will find something helpful.

I really enjoyed and appreciated being part of your feedback and can't wait to see how the game grows. =]

Thank you for the update, Victor!
I'll be sure to replay it on stream as soon as I can, and share the VOD with you.

Can't wait! :D
Happy holidays, Royale Monkeys! <3

Hey there

I played your game on stream, over the weekend.
It was a lot of fun, but there isn't enough of it!? =O

Hope you consider developing it further, as it was a lot of fun to race through. ^^

Take care and have fun. =]

Played this game of stream, over the weekend; myself and chat were blown away.
What a great adventure this was!

Incredibly charming, a little spooky, and great fun to play!
Excellent work by the devs and would love to see more like this.

Much love! <3

Played this on stream, and it is a great little game.
Would love to see this expanded further. =]
Reminded me a lot of Twisted Metal and Smuggler's Run, from the PS2. ^^

Great work! <3

Any news on a release date for this? Very excited for more of this excellent experience! =]

No pressure, just curious. =]

You're welcome.
Postbird was a lovely experience, for sure. =]

Of course!
Here is a link. I played it as part of an indie variety stream, so I have queued it up to the start of the game. =]
Enjoy. ^^

I will certainly stay tuned as I think you have a real gem on your hands. =]
Take care!

Excellent game!
I had a great time playing through this on stream.

Any chance you might expand it into a full release?
I would love to explore more of these characters. =]

Very cute game with a great sense of tone and atmosphere. This culminates in a curious reveal that will leave you thinking for a while.

Great art. Great message.
Would recommend! =]

Sounds great.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next, as this was a really novel experience. =]

Of course! =]
I played it as part of a variety show and cued it up for the section I played the game.
Hope you enjoy it. ^^

Again, can't wait to see more of Avian. <3

Great little cooking game. I really enjoyed the freeform style of cooking.

I'd really like a little cue for knowing how cooked things are. Maybe an egg timer you can set, by the pan, to have an idea of how long things are cooking?
Might just be me, getting distracted. =D

I'm excited to see where this goes, for sure. =]

Great game!
I played it on stream and chat seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

My only feedback would be that the final "boss" was a little awkward to get the timing on and a little more, subtle direction would only improve the experience.
Can't wait to see where you take it next. =]

I really wanted to throw a little money your way, but I guess I will wait for the final product. Great work and keep it up <3