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ok thank you!

Hi ! I think you forgot to add some tiles for the background, no ? Im not able to reproduce these elements in your image :

Yep, you can use it!

I sent you a message on twitter

Have you an email where i can send it? or maybe via twitter?

Hi, I created new animations for a game prototype based on your character (death, pull/push, climb, attack...). I re-work currently all the game assets for a unique style, but can i sell the new animations on Itchio ? The character isnt exactly the same but similar.


Oh nice, thanks for it!! i will test your game!

No, Im sorry :(

Hey, thanks for the explanation!

oh sorry about it, i use game maker for my gamedev and i didnt know for Godot... Yes, if its not a problem for you, im interested :)

Thank you so much! I hope to see it soon! xD

Thanks :)

Done! :)

Thanks! I will work on an update soon :)

Ok thanks!

Hi! Very nice! Your monsters are 48x48px minimum, but in your others packs, the hero is 26px height no? Its not too high for a standard monsters ?


Hi! What are the size of the sprites? its compatible with the size of the others packs?

ok! But i dont understand the animation, its left To right? Top  to bottom ?

Hi ! How animate the Bar Door in the pack ? i dont see it :( , thanks !

Hello, do you make a better price for black friday ? Thanks !

great thanks !

Hi ! Do you think make a promotion for theses game assets for black friday ? Thanks !

Hi ! What is the size of the sprite ? Thanks !

great thanks!

Hi! In the gif, there are some flying leaves but i dont see it in the pack, can you add it? Thanks!

Hi! This pack work with the hero and the environment of your forest pack? Its the good size?