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It's compatible with Game Maker Studio 2?

hi, what is the size of the idle animation?

Sorry, but i stop the update for my packs, all will be free.

LICENCE: This asset pack can be used in both free and commercial projects. You can modify it to suit your own needs. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated.  You may not redistribute it or resell it.

Yes it will be a good idea, i will buy the full pack if you add jump + attack animation.

Hello, very nice! in the full pack, what are the animations?

Catset, dogpack, lil war hero, foxpack,crowpack,frogpack,mousepack :)

Hi! Any chance for a new bundle sale soon?


Ok thanks for the details! Yes, i will join our discord!

Hello, When do you think you update the plugin for ue5? I would like to use it!


What kind of animations would you like to have?

Hi ! Can you add some animals ? like chicken, cow..

No, just side, not top/down


Hi! It's possible to use this system for a platformer game?

Thanks you!

Hello! Awesome scripts! Have you an example to show how use it in order to move the object with the path ? Thank you!

the tile is uploaded! 

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im searching the tile!

Hello, yes the mage has top and bottom sprites for walk animations !

Hey I think yes, but not sure, sorry !

Hi, no PSD but png, i can add a psd if you want but it will with one layer?

Hi! This script works with platformer game too? Thank you!

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I hope yes!

You can find it here : !

Hi! Yep, i will create a character pack soon!

Hi! Thanks you! Sorry, i don't have any time right now!

Thanks you!!

Hi ! Ok, i check it soon! :)


ok thank you!

Hi ! I think you forgot to add some tiles for the background, no ? Im not able to reproduce these elements in your image :

Yep, you can use it!

I sent you a message on twitter