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This was just straight up goofy

Nice to play a not serious game here and there.

Matt..... You ok bro? You need a good psych? I'm jk. But that is one hell of a game! The only things that I  was not a fan of was the dead end where I   couldn't get out, and I  think I  despawned  the monster at some point. Otherwise, this is fantastic. This is on my wish list.

man I feel it. You don't want to spread yourself too thin

really impressive for the amount of time it took you. You still thinking of a full game? I am totally down for that lol

lol I appreciate it! I'll be waiting for Amelia pt 2


Good premise and super sad! I     like the more realistic take on horror.  I did find a bug and I  skipped all the way to the end of the game by accident but otherwise it was a good time!

bro ofc! you know I got you!

Great game man!!! It is very enjoyable. Throw some extra guns in there and it would totally elevate the game. The only real issue I have is with the jumping but I  think some other people said the same too. Jumping is just weirdly floaty for the platforming. Still dope! Worth the buy

I went back in to take on the crawler and got no damage. I  think I  am ready for the crawler part 2!!

Bruh.... the game is aesthetically pleasing and definitely creepy.   I do think it could use some improvement . I got really frustrated with  the aimless wandering. Maybe some sort of guidance system? Like the player has to draw their own map or something? Not sure. Otherwise, dope game! Deserves a part 2 for sure!

played with a homie and it was a good time lol. I think the fog is really confusing to traverse. We could not tell if we passed something important or not. But overall, it is a good time and I would love to see it fleshed out.

Dope atmosphere! I think you could totally flesh this out into something bigger, Maybe a prelude episode that talks about what happened within the family. But overall, dope!!

lol of course man! When I saw you made this, I could instantly tell it was a winner! Keep up the good work!

Game of the year? More like game of the century! You just made a new standard for itch games! lol. This had me cracking up

I decided to make this into a 2 parter. But man, I enjoy this game. It is has some spooks that will get you. My only concern is that it is isn't the easiest to find the next objective sometimes because it may be too dark or the player is not paying enough attention. But overall, dope game! Part 2 should be out either the end of this week or next week.

I love the atmosphere in this game! Really spoopy and creepy. I think I ran into a bug where I could not move any objects though. Was I doing something wrong? Otherwise, it is a dope game!

Hell yeah! thanks man! I am down to try and test anything! Just let me know!

I'm glad we  (kind of) figured out what was going on with my rig so I could finally play lol.  This is all so impressive for the short timeframe you have to create games for a gamejam. I appreciate you letting me know!!!!

So Freaking Funny. Everybody is playing this, as they should. I need this kind of goofiness in my life. Great way to bring in the holidays lol. I am ready for a sequel

Hey man. I have been trying  to play but the  game takes a huge dive in frames once it begins. Would you happen to know  if there is some issue with the download possibly?

I am dying laughing to this one. That santa got me for real! Keep it up!!!!

Dude, good game! I need more of these! I really like games with a twist at the end like this one. Keep up the good work friend.

This game is seriously dope. I played it as my first live stream and made a lil highlight reel. I still have to go back and figure out the correct series of events. But man..... It is so short for each playthrough, but still packed with so much stuff. It is freaking amazing. I want more lol

This game is freaking hilarious! I  have seen plenty of Youtubers play this game and it still makes me laugh. You should totally make a part two someday! Do it for the fans! lol. Keep up the good work.

Bro that scare though............ I was about to wet my pants lol. I really like the look of this. Do you have more games on here and/or steam? Would love to check em out

game is so goofy! you need to make this into a full fledged game with different occasions and unlockables.  Maybe a phone game? That is if you haven't already. Super enjoyable for the holidays! Thank you!

hell yeah bro! I  will be watching your twitter for your next   one!  I highly appreciate the view and the kind words!!!!!

Bro this is hilarious. Got some decent spooks too. I could not stop thinking about the  Key & Peele skit where he says whhaaaat isssss thaaaat. lol.  It is dope you can crank out a game so fast though! Keep it up!

Dude, this game is freaking hilarious!!! I  had a good time with it. Not being able to open drawers and certain things makes this game pretty difficult though. But keep it up!

Scary a** game!!! I think i broke it at at the end, or maybe I was missing something. But the spooks were definitely there!

Got the 2nd part out! way more spoops than the first!

Got the first episode of my full playthrough up on YT. Dude, this game scared the sh*t out of me! And I really like how you gave everyone a robotic, unnerving voice. Good job! Thank you for recommending it!

It is pretty interesting. Definitely weird but I really like weird. I do not know if you are going to continue to make games but I think you should keep pushing! Maybe flesh this idea out even more. I would definitely play a fuller version.

Dude this demo was fantastic, an upgrade from the first. I  cannot wait till the full game comes out, I  am thinking of doing a full playthrough of it. Did you draw inspiration from inside and limbo?

That's dope! I understand your busy, definitely do not burden yourself. I just think you do have something here that could blow up. I am excited for more, but take your time.

Dude, I think you should keep up Cage Face. It has great potential. I am liking the backstory and how it seems to affect people with a smell. Good job on getting this game out so quickly!

dude.... freaking awesome game. One of the best indie titles on itch for sure. Sometimes you just need to be a  hoverboarding cat that kills unicorns. My dreams have come true lol. Can't wait for the full release.

I could totally see this fleshed out even more! I recommend switching up how you get away from Cage-Face because he is really easy to juke. But good job!!

I think the overall game is well made. I do think that some placement of arms in the grass is a little unfair. I don't eve know what killed me on night 1. The talent is there though. I think you should make some updates and keep it up!!!