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heck yeah man! Make that masterpiece! As long as you are continually making progress

ayyyy my boy!!!! keep up that good work!I was getting some FNAF vibes from this

All this did was get me more excited for choo choo Charles! so dope my guy. Hopefully the development of the game isn't taking a lot out of you because you obviously put some serious time in your games. Keep up the good work!

This was hot! You pretty much killed it on this one! I was not ready for those puzzles though lol. I definitely got stuck.

of course my guy! super spooky!!!!

hey big guy!! enjoyed the game a lot man! That second part is gonna be amazing! Thank you for throwing me in there lol

amazing game bro. The atmosphere and vibe was seriously ominous. I did have a few issue with it dropping in frames while recording and there was nobody in the shower for some reason. But otherwise, it was dope! Keep going, you have a knack for this

Jar Red gaming and Markiplier kinda figured it out but it is apparently has something to do with the next game the developer is making

Bro..... that decent is so damn ominous! I hate it, but love it lol. Can't wait for the next one!

I thought this was really dope man! Would love to see more of this. FMV games are really hard to make so you deserve around of applause

Tudypie.... Are you hungry? What's with all the food? lol jk. You keep getting better my friend. But now Black santa wants a burgir.

bet! I will get on it man!

bro I had to play your game lol. Tudy, I like your stuff man. This was so simple and chill, perfect for a quick video. I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years man!

This was such a dope shooter. I did not finish it due to time constraints but this totally deserves some live. Really good job. The gameplay starts at 3:00

This was surprisingly unsettling. I had a really good time playing. I decided to eat super hot ramen while playing so I am getting scared and burning at the same time. I really like how well you paced out the scares. Even though it is short, it is effective

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Mr. Wiiiiiiiiiiisssse. I have a video for you!!! you and Vidas put out another great game!

It bugged out. I got both of the discs but it would not let me insert the virus for whatever reason.

This game is wild man! It has way more stuff in it than I originally thought. My only 2 critiques is that I think the character voices are a little low and I am not a fan of the reload and the use button being the same button. Definitely a dope game and this video is just part one, I will be finishing this.

Really good game! I found a glitch about halfway through and fell out the map though lol. But it was really well made and I really enjoyed the art style you chose for this.

Awesome game man! You definitely got me in a few spots! I could tell you love to set a mood with all them damn sounds lol. I will be looking for the next installment for sure.

Bro I had so much fin with this game lol. Sussy Buff got me man, I had no chance. I did not know I needed this until I started playing it! I am definitely going to give you a follow

I may make a short about it. So I will keep it simple

smh. now I gotta go back lol

Yo Tuds! I liked this one a lot. Really ominous. I had to get this one out faster since I took so long on the last video lol. I hope you enjoy it

Phew. Finally got this out man! Took
Phew! Finally got this out man! Took ya boy awhile! I do appreciate the code homie! And I hate you for some of them jumpscares lol

I love it man! Freaking awesome homage! I am always impressed when a game comes out like this and is made in short in such a short time! Bro I am so ready for your new projects!!!!

sounds good! can't wait for the final version!

My only regret is not reading all of your demo features before playing. I should have tried out talking to the ghosts! Sorry about that. Otherwise, it was pretty damn spooky and gave off a great vibe. I am pretty excited for the full release. The only thing I was not a fan of was the blinking mechanic, it was slightly annoying. Overall, this was dope!

I had
I had a good time! If only mom would watch her tinder dates better...... lol. Keep up the good work!!

Oh.. it is a must!!!

Bro another hit! I should have had this video out long ago but I ran into computer issues and whatnot. But I finally got it out! I hope you enjoy my friend!

gotcha thanks!