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loveee this so much 

I literally screamed no with that cliffhangerrr!!!! Love the difference between our conversations with Kid and Duke, it balances out the story with comedy, romance and some seriousness!

This is so great!!! love how much you can design your character and room, also love Death he's so adorable

Oh this is so great, I love the visuals and the music, the prince is so handsome as well! I hope yall continue this!

YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!! I was getting stuck on the friendship screen so many times that i nearly threw my computer out the window. Thank you!

Can't wait for more!

I just got the good end!!! very adorabe i love it

It was pretty fun exploring the new options!

GOOOD this is soo good I can't wait for the next update

Ohh i love this he is very adorable


sanssss routeeee is sooo scandalous

That cliffhanger though, now I want more

What I noticed while playing all the routes (sans, flowey and papyrus), is that whenever you free Gaster, it still says 'He looks exactly like the monster in your locket' no matter what route you are in, just wanted to point that out!

I sooo can't wait for more

great nvm he killed me 

I'm in the middle of sans route right now, and I am just in love with the scene at the snowflake. Even though Sans wasn't even there, it still felt really sweet and romantic, and like the MC, was idiotically smiling while reading it <3

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I have not even finished this game, but I had to come here and say that I love Heimos he is precious to me.

Ahh soo gooood

I love it so far, can't wait for more :>

I'm sorry but Bengan is what makes me fall in love with the game and the character even more!!!

Actually made me tear up, Takuma speaking to us, not the MC but to the actual us... Made me feel things...

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Can't wait for more :>

Awhhh man he could have at least asked me out before bashing my head in, well whatever I sooo can't wait for more :>


OOww this is soo cute, i cant wait to see more!

Not me fangirling while reading the NSFW scene with Irus

omg not me doing the same thing

I have been playing for a couple of hours and I must say, this is such a captivating and interesting game!! It's not one of those text based games where I see all the text and I'm lazy to read it. It was quite opposite with Ataraxia, I was reading every single word with such interest! Especially the story with the lost boy, such a plot twist! I agree with the comments about Ivo, he's pretty adorable and charming, but I somehow ended up with Sanvi, which I don't mind at all because she is gorgeous and I felt close to her after she shared her past. (also her nickname ''chick'' hehe). Amazing game!!!

I don't understand, I keep getting an unsteady relationship with R.

The Night Market community · Created a new topic Luv it

Amazing!! Absolutely amazing that I could cry! I just finished Milos route and AGHGHH I can't express how much I love this man! From all his flirting and grinning, and to alllllllll of the angst (especially the angst), it filled my heart. What filled my heart more though is the ending of chapter 8 with Milo and Hazel, these little fluffy and adorable moments is what makes me whole. God, and now i'm considering buying your patreon, I just couldn't stand not reading those nsfw scenes haha.... 

In any case I plan on reading through this brilliant story again and maybe try out other routes, like Gabriel, his cold attitude weirdly enough brings me in. I might just actually also do Hazel, I absolutely love her with all my heart and I would do anything for her !! And Belladonna can honestly step on me idc

See what you are doing?? Making me fall in love with all your characters ahhhhhhhhhhh

I hope to see more chapters in the future (and angst ofc)

Can't wait for more :)


Pretty interesting so far!

I so can't wait to read more, the prologue was really interesting!

aGGHH just saw the pages new redesign, and it's really gooood! Can't wait for the upcoming chapter!

Just started the story, but wanted to just point out some grammar mistakes! (Who are he? Do he live here? But he ignore it,)