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I love the art of the game. But I don’t know what the story of the game is …

Good game! :)

good exercise!

Good design! I love this game!

Very cool!

Very cool!

Good game! Is it still in development now?

Emm... Another duplicated file?

Cool! Fantastic sound and art! Good game!

Good design!

It's so dark that I didn't find the oil lamp at first and there has no tips. 😂😂😂 After watching the video I had realized that there was a lamp.


Was there something? There was nothing... I tried opening and closing the door a few times, but nothing happened. :(

Dose this game really have a ghost? Or just a door?

Good art!

But why do dragons live the way humans do? And why do I live in a world of dragons? I want to know what's going to happen next.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this game! 👍🏻

Why not go backwards...

Good game but too short...