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That was absolutely amazing. Thank you.

That was fucking fantastic.

Really really good, cartoonish but still scary and atmospheric, love the way the graphics look. Can't wait for more!

Love it! Cute sound effects and graphics. Predictable but definitely a great way to spend a few minutes!

You are literally one of my favorite game developers working right now. This is perfect in so many ways. Please never stop.

Why did you make this oh god I have the worst submechanophobia and need to play this now.

I adore your work.

This looks awesome, thanks!

This was great, horribly oppressive, a little silly, no jumpscares, told a whole story. Awesome work.

You are legit one of my favorite game developers, I have a huge phobia of underwater ruins and love your art this is perfect.

Love it!

Nice! A bit plodding but came together nice, huge props on the visuals at the end of the third or fourth alley. Hoping to make something similar myself one day.

How have I not heard of this before? It's amazing! It's cute, the art is great, takes about 90 minutes to complete with every second being carefree fun. Honestly my favorite part as a horror fan are the very weird and unsettling bits strewn about, not in a normal creepypasta indie game way, but as an homage to the general weirdness of games like Mario 64.

Also the Silent Hill references are perfect.

This was absolutely perfect!

Love your work, and appreciate the creepy horror atmosphere without jump scares. Love the color palette on this too.