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very cute, the customization is great! love the lil dialogue bits, if you added more that would be amazing! thank you for your hard work! Adrian made me smile :)) 

was having a bad day and found this, thank you so much! really chill and god did i need to jump in some snow today :D

really calming and chilled, the jump mechanic was really nice to use and it was such a sweet ending! i only wish that they could've been more of it! thank you so much :)

just something i've found, i think its happened twice now, if i just managed to make a platform the angel stops bouncing, i just have to move down to get her jumping again but i thought i'd just let you know :)

it's currently 80231 but I'm getting close to beating it! thanks for the boredom buster :))

this is such a lovely game! the small details really made it a better experience and the characterization was great! i only wish there was more of it, or we get to see what happens next, but thank you for a wonderful little game, hard work clearly pays off :D

just downloaded it today and i'm addicted! lovely the simplicity and don't mind that it's not lewd, the angel halo mechanic is a great idea and i can't wait to master it!