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Makes sense. I figured you probably had something like that planned. I'll look forward to seeing how the relic combos alter the combat.

I upgraded AP maybe 6-8 times, I think? Glad you were able to hunt down the issue with the cranking!

Just finished this, and I had a good time with it. The first boss took me a few tries, which felt nice. The tension of having to crank during fights is still fun. But it feels like it would be nice to have a means to dodge or something to help position for that. It was a little awkward to move through a group of enemies to get to a corner even though it was possible. Do you plan for the combat to evolve much?

Also, I spent all my xp on AP upgrades, and at some point I ended up with a greater max AP than I could restore with the crank. I don't remember seeing any other bugs.

Just saw your latest devlog. I'm looking forward to trying the new demo!

I just played through the demo on hardware and absolutely loved it. It made me feel like I was starting a full game that I was excited to play. I enjoyed many things about the current content, like the art direction and the crank integrations, but I thought that the combat was especially good. It felt slow-paced and tactical, which I didn't expect, and the degree of challenge it offered was just right for me. Getting the rhythm of the turns down felt good, and the 4 or so deaths I had during the boss fight felt completely fair because I could immediately see my mistakes and how to fix them. I would love to pay for a full version of this with as much content as you're willing to cram into it. Probably my favorite experience on the Playdate so far! I hope you keep up your momentum and can move ahead to full production.