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Great, thanks! I look forward to tinkering my way through it!

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Hi, I bought this game last night on steam (congrats on the steam release!) and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I had expected that if I just planted a bunch of plants and let them sit for a while, they would begin to breed, grow new plants, etc. And it seems like the genetic pipes are there (I've unlocked "reproduction rate", which suggests that they do indeed reproduce. HOWEVER, if I don't actively plant new plants, the plant counter goes down.

I tried a new game and JUST did plants, thinking that with nothing eating them, they'd grow on their own. But it was the same thing: as soon as I stopped planting them, the numbers declined back towards zero. I also tried turning the force field on, thinking "AHA!", but no, the plants still dive towards zero unless I'm constantly dropping new ones.

This game seems like it could be the very game I'm looking for (setting up something relatively stable, checking on it every few hours), but instead I'm having to spam the plants all the time. From other user comments, I feel like maybe I'm alone in this problem.

Am I missing something? At some point, do plants self-perpetuate? We're building an ecosystem, right?

Thanks for what looks like a very promising game!