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The game kept freezing on me and wouldn't progress!!!! Is this a bug? I did a let's play if anyone wants to check it out though. Happy New Year everyone! 

Loved this game it was soooo cute and wonderful <3333333 thank you for making it. I especially loved how the narration updated as I played, it felt interactive and timely.

for some reason, I tried to play this game but it kept leaving the game. Please help. 



Hi! I think I encountered a bug in the demo, not sure what happened but I look forward to your full release of the game! :D

omggggg such rude customers!!!! LOLL twas a fun game :D
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....this ASMR monster was a lil too creepy 

SOO scary.. you can actually hear the direction of where the monster is coming from... it seriously felt immersive like he was in the room with me. true test of my typing survival skills lol 

How do I play this game?!? Do I eat the food?

so much fun and I loved the music!!!! I was dancing the whole way through <3 

UGHHHH THE FEEELS... Thank you so much for making this beautiful game.... it really captured how I used to feel a lot of days.... I thought I was thinking these things all by myself, but to encourage Froggy and talk through things with her helped me to feel not so alone.... it felt like a therapy session. Thank you thank you thank you <3 

THIS WAS SO SCARY!!! I really really enjoyed the game, you had me clutching at my blanket for comfort!! LOL. here's my gameplay~ 

very scary with a crazy plot twist at the end, thank you for making this game!!!!!!!

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What a cute and funny game!!!! The jumpscares actually did get me spooked and I was intrigued to see how it would end! Recommended for kids and horror noobies :) check out my gameplay!!!

I loved this creepy game!!! I was intrigued throughout... I want more!!!!!!! I want background stories and LORE! Thank you for making this game... <3 here's my gameplay for anyone who's interested: 

Thank you for making this game! The dialogue was a bit too long for my personal taste but I did relate to Cecilia in a lot of ways and the art was so beautiful. Good luck developing the whole game, I'll be on the lookout for it :) Here is my gameplay! 

This game was so much fun!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror games. Thank you for making it... Here's my playthrough <3