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HP: 2

Morale: -1 (always flees on morale check)

Wad of Cash: d2

Special: ???

ok thanks. i shall be patient :)

Hey!. These are absolutely beautiful. I have hesitated buying these on digital because i am 100% going to buy them in print at some point. when will that be?!

Thank you for making the zine format available. Just printed one. I used normal paper for the first test, but have some heavier stock ill try in a bit.

I view a ton of MB content, so i dont say this lightly. But your eye for design aesthetics and typography is top notch. You did an absolutely amazing job on this 

I added the license to the screenshot and downloadable file in the bottom right. thanks again

This character art is sick. much thankz

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I left this vague on purpose for the time being because normally a hex-tile map would have scales in the miles. On golf borg specific hex courses I guess the scale would be 10ft per tile, but there isn't any reason you couldn't use this same system on a local square-tile dungeon map with 5ft squares.

At some point I want to figure out optional rules for ricochet mechanics so you could play putt-putt golf in a dark dungeon by torch-light.


OH if you mean the scale in regards to how far it travels, for each 1 on the distance die the ball travels the equivalent of 1 tile

Hey i was curious on the swarm gift Razor-Beak Barnacles it states "You gain benefits of Tier 3 armour"

I know as GM i can interpret this however I like, but i was curious if you intended that to mean you do not get the negatives of Tier 3 armor? IE DR+4 on agility tests DR+2 on Defense?

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we typically refer to this style as 'Low Poly" or "PS1" or  "PSX" style. There is a big community making stuff like this including Scythe Dev, Puppet Combo, and lots of people in the HauntedPS1 group. There is also a big revival of 90s First Person Shooters (90s FPS) such as Dusk. I think all of these would fall under "low poly" tag though

Is this the John Cage's 4'33 of video games?

I killed him with the gun. you just have to gather enough bullets before he pops up.

i tried the dates without the 0's as well. i thought maybe the wifes name converted to hex or octal, but way too many numbers obviously

this converted to octal is "43 303 271 45 112 150 154 46" but  thats too long for the code we currently need.

i cant seem to get this to work. i had tried that up up up down down code. never got what you said

For anyone who hasn't noticed. the "save file" they uploaded yesterday is actually a PNG image file. It has a hidden message when you change brightness/contrast. I show it here:

Btw can you use my youtube name instead of itch name?

Kwad Damage

thanks! cant wait, i really enjoyed the first level

not sure if you are still adding names. i was going to post a vid anyway

wow. i had only played this first spring (inside) level. and while that was awesome, i was blown away when i made it to the outside. the peacocks, deer at the playground, butterflies. you put so much work into this. it is beautiful!!!

ohhh a hunger meter?! i didnt know. im trying right now and will try to find some food i guess?

i played! and like it, but when the timer runs out it says they caught me. is there not a way to win?