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dont worry i will only use it for learning to code better, thanks a lot i wil search the zip

thanks a lot, i will learn a lot from you, thanks a lot :)

your game is beautiful :D, i loved the hacking, could you share your code? i am a begginer and i think this game would be a great project for learning , please, anyway, great game

broooooo, this is great, btw could your share the source, i wanna learn this

beautiful, for me, this game won

brooo, this is amazing, will you share the source ? wanna learn from it

this is amazing, by any chance are you sharing your source code?  i wan´t to learn how you do the loading screen with the progress bar, anyway, great job

i have seen your source code, i think is wonderful so many things i don´t understand, would love a tutorial btw, good job

just, beautiful, this is beautiful