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yeah except with short games, people just refund them on steam. Not worth it for developers.

Thank you Gor! I made this by myself. I'm onto other projects at the moment but I'll consider making a full game. Thanks for playing!

Hey Kyle. Tried again. I couldn't reproduce my issue. Taskmanager comes up and i could kill it. Alt f4 also worked. Anyway, sweet game! You are good and very awesome, nice to see you around

Yikes I couldn't escape the game, taskmanager comes up behind. WASD didnt' work. I got an error that I said 'try again' to and then the game spawned. Some gamemaker bugs I guess.

I like the atmosphere..I got stuck in this spot, no way to escape, had to quit.

Thank you frosty boy that worked! Im still getting weird graphical glitches but it doesn't crash. Anyway this game rules! I love that you don't die.

Nah, my computer runs other games fine.

This game looks great! It dies when I run through the first door. MAMA MIA

FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation
ShaderName: shd_hit

D3DXCompile failed - result

at gml_Object_obj_player_Draw_0

Very good - a plus

Wow thank you Jupiter!

I really liked it! I saw your screen on the train and it reminded me that I like weird games and inspired me to do my game. 

Fun game! Really impresed that this was designed in 48 hours. 

The game bugs out when you have a stack of skulls. Stuck here.