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The bugs are still in the process of being fixed. Thank you for your patience.

Thanks for pointing that out! We are in the process of fixing this bug. Glad you loved it! 

I appreciate the feedback :) Thank you for bringing this bug to my attention! Will fix ASAP. 

Thank you for bringing this issue up. I will fix that asap! 

Killing the campers was very fun! Easy to maneuver and the juice was a nice effect of them exploding! 

Very simple and easy to play! Awesome idea!

This gave me a tomb raider feel and I really loved the art! The texture was an extra bonus! Loved it! Very fun!

Very creative! Love how it seems like a low key rhythm game! 

A little challenging to maneuver the car but still very fun!

This game is so fun and addicting! Love the art! 

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Gave a horror movie feel which I really enjoyed and it was fun despite not finding my cat      T-T **cries in Mandarin**

The art is amazing! Was hard to figure out what to do and play but overall it was still fun! 


Very fun and I love how easy and smooth it is to move the catapult! The camera pan is also very cool! 

Love the concept and the 3D art! It is a little hard to figure out how to play and win. I love the 1v1 fighting game image at the beginning. 

There might be a little bug when pressing multiple buttons at once and it is a little hard to move but love the concept! The lose screen is very creative and the directions make the player seem as if they are in a ballet class! Very fun and addicting! 

The animation and the 3D models look so cool! I love how you animated the rain and the outfit of the player as well as made them move very smoothly. The game was a little hard to figure out but overall I love it! 

This game is pretty amazing! Very simple and easy to figure out! Very detailed and the Maya models are really accurate! Wish it was longer since I wanted to look at more doggos :3 Overall, loved it! 

Navigating the game was a little difficult and it was hard to click the thoughts to collect them. Very creative and deep concept though! Love the thought bubbles!