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PROMPT: You're sitting at your desk eating candy hearts. You start to realize the notes on the hearts are trying to give you a message.

  1. What was your prompt and how did you arrive with this particular visual style? 

My prompt was "You're sitting at your desk eating candy hearts. You start to realize the notes on the hearts are trying to give you a message." How I arrived with this particular visual style was inspired by chibi anime characters. The premise is based on a young man (who's part cat) as he navigates to find his "true gay love" through his own office realm while collecting candy hearts with hidden messages. The enemy ends up being his clingy ex (as he's portrayed by a devil dog teen). Will he find his true love or will his ex take him down???

   2. Most enjoyable part of working on the final project? Least enjoyable part? Which aspect do you wish you spent more time on?

The most enjoyable part of working on the final project was getting to draw all the sprites in aesprite and make all the pixelated animations. It was a lot of work but it paid off and made the game very cool looking. The least enjoyable part was getting all the UI/UX stuff to work just cause Unity was a pain to deal with when it wasn't cooperating. The aspect I wished I spent more time on honestly was making the characters other movements more smoothly besides the walk cycle. 


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Itchio link: 

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Mock Up 1: 

Mock Up 2: 

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action animations: 

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gey sword boi (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ)

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basebaw updated

pink ranger and her power bow

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sad sasuke cause his brother just committed mass genocide against their clan 

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yes, he has flippers... 

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RIP dino boi

:,) I tried

He's bald cause I wanted him to be inspired by One-Punch Man :3 

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I tried :,)

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HW3 Charlie 

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Who Zuko REALLY should have ended up with.... 


  1. Todoroki raises right hand
  2. Todoroki conjures up flame
  3. Todoroki raises left hand
  4. Todoroki conjures ice 
  5. Todoroki looks over with question mark
  6. Zuko appears with fire bending 
  7. Both look at each other, sharing a question mark 
  8. Both face each other
  9. Zuko kisses Todoroki 


  • 1-2: action to action
  • 2-3: action to action  
  • 3-4: action to action
  • 4-5: action to action
  • 5-6: moment to moment 
  • 6-7: subject to subject
  • 7-8: moment to moment 
  • 8-9: action to action 


  1. Introduce morpher
  2. User presses switch to open the cover (revealing a keypad)
  3. User sticks arm out and calls out "Install!"
  4. User brings arm back in and shouts "Megaranger!"
  5. Close up of morpher as the user presses "3"
  6. Staying on the close up, the user presses "3" again
  7. Staying on the close up, the user than moves their finger and presses "5" 
  8. User transforms into the ranger
  9. Close up of the helmet to reveal the color ranger they transformed into. 


  • 1-2: moment to moment 
  • 2-3: action to action  
  • 3-4: action to action
  • 4-5: action to action
  • 5-6: action to action 
  • 6-7: action to action
  • 7-8: moment to moment 
  • 8-9: moment to moment

Killing the campers was very fun! Easy to maneuver and the juice was a nice effect of them exploding! 

Very simple and easy to play! Awesome idea!

This gave me a tomb raider feel and I really loved the art! The texture was an extra bonus! Loved it! Very fun!

Very creative! Love how it seems like a low key rhythm game! 

A little challenging to maneuver the car but still very fun!

This game is so fun and addicting! Love the art! 

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Gave a horror movie feel which I really enjoyed and it was fun despite not finding my cat      T-T **cries in Mandarin**

The art is amazing! Was hard to figure out what to do and play but overall it was still fun! 


Very fun and I love how easy and smooth it is to move the catapult! The camera pan is also very cool! 

Love the concept and the 3D art! It is a little hard to figure out how to play and win. I love the 1v1 fighting game image at the beginning. 

There might be a little bug when pressing multiple buttons at once and it is a little hard to move but love the concept! The lose screen is very creative and the directions make the player seem as if they are in a ballet class! Very fun and addicting! 

The animation and the 3D models look so cool! I love how you animated the rain and the outfit of the player as well as made them move very smoothly. The game was a little hard to figure out but overall I love it! 

This game is pretty amazing! Very simple and easy to figure out! Very detailed and the Maya models are really accurate! Wish it was longer since I wanted to look at more doggos :3 Overall, loved it! 

Navigating the game was a little difficult and it was hard to click the thoughts to collect them. Very creative and deep concept though! Love the thought bubbles!