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Why are hyena dads in visual novels always so good? Hamish and Marrow are so sweet and I love them so much

Thanks for clearing that up, I had read over it a couple times and I wasn't sure if I had missed something saying if he was or wasn't. I'll know when the next chapter comes out then

Is Rex okay? Like physically?

Ah, thanks for clearing that up I didn't know

Rene said that there aren't enough questions being sent in, if that's the case, where can we send in more questions?

Everything about this just feels so well executed to me. And I love Mark so much

I love Spencer so much, he's just so precious, I would kill for him

Are we not allowed to like annoying characters?

I super appreciate how Devon said that if he lost his relationship with Cameron after they've been together so long it would be "traumatic" like, I feel like that's the perfect word to describe it. It is such a small thing but I've never heard that word used in that context and it really helps strengthen my feelings for Dev and Cam's relationship, I very much hope they both make it out okay and still together

I kinda get the vibe that we're not seeing Cameron's true personality in this story, I feel like everyone who goes to Echo has their personality warped and exaggerated if that makes sense? Like, it messes up how they react to situations and that messes up how we see the characters. But it does feel like somehow the readers just keep returning to Echo, we're always going in circles after all

I was so close to getting to hug my favorite character, this has to be the best update we've gotten so far

My favorite character is Haruki, he just brings me so much joy

Ah yes, my favorite character, the gay/homophobic delinquent who hates everybody, I love him so much

He def would, and Vulgor too

I can't believe for a second that he'd actually be dead, it'd simply be too bitter

I'm so excited for this update, but I'm still worried about Ranok

I love this vn a lot, the characters and story are so charming and I really enjoy the music and art. Also, is there any way I can listen to the soundtrack from this game?