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Love the idea of mind being determined by the host's brain! Thanks so much for your reply. 

Hey CrayLives - I def think we're in the same sich. Bodyhopper is in noble body. I chatted with my player and we decided that their PC would retain Mind, Heart, Reality and Fear stats/saves, but would roll new Strength, Speed and Body stats/saves. Basically thinking that there's elements of the mind and soul that remain, but the skills related to the body are new. 

I'm super excited for my next session - we got about 2/3 of the way through LVOTBB and ended with an adult imago landing on the rear engine. It was great.

Hey Watt, 

I wardened a LVOTBB game tonight and a player bodyhopper-transferred to a new body. I made a tentative ruling but am wondering if they should retain or roll any stats? Either way it was awesome. Thanks! - Paul

I had this exact same question! Thanks for the clarification.

Right on! Thanks for purchasing my adventure. I don't plan to make a map for this item, but when I've run it in the past I've used this map by Elven Tower:

B&W Pages version uploaded - please let me know if that helps and if I can make any more edits for you. I hope you like the mini-adventure! Please let me know if you play it. Cheers! - Paul

Yes! B&W version incoming - would you prefer spreads or pages?

Thanks Nate - appreciate the tutorial!

Love this module - I have yet to try out the Vanilla Game, but am very excited to do so after seeing this supplement. I'm wondering how you made your map? The style and layout is awesome. 

I adore this whole settlement, map, content and so on. It would be awesome if the chimney map was available as a larger separate file. Thanks for your great work! Well worth the $6.00.

Thank you so much!

Ahoy there - is there any chance that you might be able to make the font a different color in an alternate version? I have mild colorblindness and it usually isn't an issue, but the purple and yellow (despite being super lovely colors) make it difficult to read the text because of the lack of contrast for me. Thanks for anything you can do. Best, - Paul

I used this dungeon on my first ever GM session of Mausritter and it was absolutely brilliant. I tweaked things a bit, but the whole affair was super fun. Really appreciate the maps being offered in both isometric and top-down formats - gives you a good mental map of how the PCs can progress through the dungeon. 


Were these updates also applied to the DTRPG version? Thanks!

Great guide - I am wondering, what is the font used in the title?