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Thank you so much for fixing it! I did as told and am now excitedly waiting for your next update. Btw it scared me so much during that particular night at that creepy mansion. You played with powerlessness so well that I couldnt stop thinking about it even when i was already in bed. You got your message across really clearly so i just wanted to say great job! For real though ! ! <3 <3

i just started 5 mins ago and im already greeted with a catching intro. No jokes but the intro got me so hyped , i felt my pulse beating so hard. It felt like an unseen force was holding me down. I was paralysed with excitement.  ITS JUST A WONDERFUL FEELING. And as soon as i ended the tutorial(which was helpful btw because some wouldn't do so), im greeted, again, with a touching backstory. I believe in balance and equality so it really feels gooooood to play and experience a story that revolves around my belief. Thank you so much! For the artwork, story... for EVERY click that has taken place to make this magnificent artwork! <3

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this game is truly a dream come true. Ive always wanted those time machine and use hints type of games. I really really love the concept of your masterpiece! Still cant believe such a beautiful and incredible game was made in such a short time! I enjoyed playing it! It took me an hour plus to finish it! Got really frustrated near the ending but in the end i got two endings without any help! This was really really fun and i cant emphasise it enough. What's better is that the story it tells is really eye opening. (Spoiler ahead!!) Turns out both parties were in the wrong... I'm wondering if there would be a sequel though? Like the backstory as to why the client threw the plate? like everyone's backstory looks really interesting... But either way, thank you so much for your game! I really REALLY loved and still loving it!

omg i fell in love right away when i saw this game's poster. Something kept pulling me in and i'm glad i followed my heart because now im addicted! ! This is all i can ever ask for. Never such game can make me nervous as when battles happen or when things trouble Aldrich. However as i got into chapter 2(i started 2 hours ago and i got so hooked haha), i ran across a problem. Im currently at the scene where lilie picks up a necklace(?) that dropped from the drawer she was cleaning. A servant calls her out then an error page pops up. May i know what do i do after this? Thank you so much!