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Tetris Advance, Tetris Worlds isn’t bad either

The version exclusive to the go retro handheld console, which is a portable famiclone

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Another great Tetris Clone for the nes and luckily unlike the latest official Tetris for the NES (hardware clone not endorsed by Nintendo but is by The Tetris Company, which leaves the game in a weird area of does a rom that is said to work on the NES count as an official game it the company that holds the rights to it signs off but the makers of the original console do not?) was released for many different ways, for free no less! A must download for Tetris Fans.

Who would think an economic simulator game could inspire such a diverse series of games? But it's awesome it did.

If it can't I'd be concerned about what is going on with the installation you have set up.


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great concept but now due to the aestetic it's making me want to make it into a eboot and run via adrenaline on my vita which I know is impossible ><; excellent work on these games.