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H.D.N Mist

A member registered Jan 23, 2019

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I could love it also if these will be available for android...

Will these be available for android?


Will these be available for android version?

Very good game.cant wait for new update.the story shows a promising. Keep up the good game..

I hope there will be an Android version

very nice game.cant wait for the next demo update/full version;)

I hope these will be available also in android.nice game.

I can't wait for the new demo/full release of these game on steam W/ android version :) ...i hope it will be released not or b4 September;) pressure.

I wish these also be available for android(looks so promising:))

I wish these will also available for android version.

I wish these will be available also in (Android version).

Well these be available for android?

well there be android version?

Will there be an Android version?.tho the Game looks cool:)

I hope these will come in android version.

to bad can't install it on my Android phone(v.6.0.1).i try almost 11times.always app not installed.i download again.but the same.maybe it's not compatible.but I think it's a cool game:)

Will there be android version?

Will there be on Android version?

im sorry.i mean main character is in development?.i wish it's a Human character:)..these game is awesome:).will the quest be available?

this game is awesome..including RPG the MC in development? .i wish the protagonist is HUMAN:).

Is BERYLLUS also will be available in steam?.can't wait for the full version/update:).hope the demo/full version  be updated soon:)

i wish the android version will come soon:)..bcous these game looks awesome:)..

I wish there will be an Android version?.

I wish these will be also available for android version.

I wish this game is available on steam(w/ Android version)

Cool the kickstater is finish.ahm asking aside.if these game should be available on it Censord or uncesord.maybe a file should be change some How..hope it will be also available on Android,if these game will be on STEAM. Tnx:)

Great game!!!!..nice story.i like johns story.(Hope there will be Human choices for character creation:)))..can't wait for the next your game:)

Congratulations on your kickstater..i hope in the near future this game will be available on STEAM(with Android Version)it just i can't afford a card..but nice game and very promising.looking forward to it:)

Is there a way to support(buy) your game.example like in steam? .i don't have a card for using only android phone.hope there is other way.thanks