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H.D.N Mist

A member registered Jan 23, 2019

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I hope these will be available also in android.nice game.

I can't wait for the new demo/full release of these game on steam W/ android version :) ...i hope it will be released not or b4 September;) pressure.

I wish these also be available for android(looks so promising:))

I wish these will also available for android version.

I wish these will be available also in (Android version).

Well these be available for android?

well there be android version?

Will there be an Android version?.tho the Game looks cool:)

I hope these will come in android version.

to bad can't install it on my Android phone(v.6.0.1).i try almost 11times.always app not installed.i download again.but the same.maybe it's not compatible.but I think it's a cool game:)

Will there be android version?

Will there be android version?

Will there be on Android version?

im sorry.i mean main character is in development?.i wish it's a Human character:)..these game is awesome:).will the quest be available?

this game is awesome..including RPG the MC in development? .i wish the protagonist is HUMAN:).

Is BERYLLUS also will be available in steam?.can't wait for the full version/update:).hope the demo/full version  be updated soon:)

i wish the android version will come soon:)..bcous these game looks awesome:)..

I wish there will be an Android version?.

I wish these will be also available for android version.

is these available for android version?

I wish this game is available on steam(w/ Android version)

Cool the kickstater is finish.ahm asking aside.if these game should be available on it Censord or uncesord.maybe a file should be change some How..hope it will be also available on Android,if these game will be on STEAM. Tnx:)

Great game!!!!..nice story.i like johns story.(Hope there will be Human choices for character creation:)))..can't wait for the next your game:)

Congratulations on your kickstater..i hope in the near future this game will be available on STEAM(with Android Version)it just i can't afford a card..but nice game and very promising.looking forward to it:)

Is there a way to support(buy) your game.example like in steam? .i don't have a card for using only android phone.hope there is other way.thanks