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i know its a unity tutorial flip , i went through same tutorial.

bruh i hop you did not really used the way of the tutor , as its not correct way just making things work , it is probably the reason why game is bit laggy . otherwise great effort i can see the changes made , keep it up . 

have some serious bug , like object pooling for bullets

had not bullet still kept firing for infinite time. also when gun is in collider animation for shooting is still running, gr8 game though


This one was just for learning purposes only .

Have more coming for future.

nice concept

you are absolutely right, sprites need to be better and i tried with more light but still was imperfect , never had worked with multiple lights.

need to learn that.  

nope it dont , uploaded everything in such a hurry . 

will try to improvise , this one is just a basic prototype.

First thank you very much 

Secondly rotation is added so that the controls could be a bit tricky cz ive not use an advance A star ai method therefore player and enemy movement  could be a bit predictable 

fun game , nice story implementation.

fun to play , not clear what to do but fun game

thanks a lot ,😄

nice ... 


mesh collider would have done better collision impression

you change the channel and teleport in other dimension

GOOD GAME, new innovation but enemy moves very fast need to work on speed