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PLEASEE make that thumbnail with Nova in bed an actual scene! And the one with luna on the cover!

won with only losing 5 fingers and my opponent got their brain ripped out

but it also = OP

i got to level 72 with this setup until the flying winged things got me.

Quad barrel

Burst trigger


Lucky stock

Inflatable grip

Shotgun shells

The most important ones are the quad barrel and the shotgun shells. For the magazine, use the spinigun or the bullet canister. I find that the burst trigger is helpful. Everything else is personal preference.

i finally beat it! this is an awesome game please expand upon this it has so much potential!


oh i get it its if santy if naughty or nice


i dont understand the naughty ending what was in the present also if i did what santy asked then why is it the naughty ending

bijuu mike needs to check out this game

My Christmas is ruined. (I'm joking I liked it, it sure gave me a few jumps. Merry Christmas!) :)

scratch that, it did make me cry

this game should actually be a paid indie game on steam. 10 dollars. THIS GAME DESERVES A W A R D S



were you playing at night? why is it black?

when the eye shows up during the questions i click the emergency termination button and it ends, am i doing something wrong?


ending was mid but good otherwise

To be honest, this is a work of damn art. Almost made me cry. I've seen this game so many times on the free web games section, and never clicked on it. Damn, that was a mistake. PLAY THIS GAME OR MISS OUT.

wow i liked it

this should have been longer

tetris reference

how do i play put it in the desc

"Whack your boss" anime version tho

make an in-browser version

my computer doesnt support linux, am i able to just download the quest 2 file and plug in my quest 2 then drag and drop the file into the quest on the files app?



Lag issue for in-browser


Simple and good!

Wait, so you were driving a car and you killed the girl riding the bike and she wanted revenge? That's what i'm getting from the ending. Someone tell me if I'm wrong.

Great game but add checkpoints. A way to do this maybe could be making a variable that raises in the number when you beat a level and setting up a level restart for each number

Please make more of these games. This is the best game I've ever seen on Itch. You are an amazing developer, and you've got one hell of a brain.

So... I went back and got the other ending. I don't think my heart is intact anymore T_T

There's always that one person-

I spaced out so hard playing this game that I actually drooled into my keyboard no joke lmao

How many endings are there?

Why does it have to be so sad? T_T

WOW, no more mr. nice guy indeed! O_O Damn!