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No problem, I hope everything works out.

It's actually doing the quarantining, on the download page a popup appears that says that has flagged the download.

Here's a screenshot of the popup that appears.

Just saw this post after making my own about this problem, but it is still saying it's quarantined due to possibly being a scam or virus.

So like it says, when I go to download this tool it comes back with a popup saying that has flagged it as suspicious because of a possible connection to a Discord scam. Between that and the fact that it seems to trigger a lot of people's antiviruses, I'm more than a little suspicious... Can anyone confirm whether or not this is actually safe to use?

I love the aesthetic, but it'd be even better if there was a degree of customization as well: Renaming the objects, perhaps even being able to add or remove planets?

Also, for some reason all the comet orbits seem to look the same.

Other than that, it's a very nice generator and I look forward to seeing the new features as they're implemented.

I'd love it if there was some way to play this in-browser!

Every time I go through the first door, I get dropped into an empty space above a room.