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couldn't find the crack on day 2 when everything had gone red. I managed to find the key and gun that's all. Am I missing something lol I shot Wallace and nothing happened idk if something was supposed to or not but yeah kinda stuck idk if the crack got bugged or something cause the boxes were messed XD they dropped through the floor when I tried to move them

soooo....umm..I pressed mouse and space or whatever and I got stuck under some boxes XD

so what you are saying is huge epilepsy warning XD feel bad for those users this game looks really interesting

this reminds me of an old stickman animation called shock 

I'm so stuck right now at trying to figure out the password to get into the website. I'm sure I'm being dumb but seriously I have no clue XD kinda at a stand still but I really wanna finish it it's really good so far :)

yeah I know it was pretty big 

agreed :) also Horror really isn't that original anymore sadly :(

The author is the same person that made the game so I guess it's legit IDK though it's so easy to take on someone else's name :|

lol I thought I recognised it XD

is it free to use in YouTube videos ?

I believe I asked a bit back but has anyone found any good music for this to use in YouTube videos. I've found it hard to find any music that is suitable for this game. I would really appreciate some help :)

Can someone help me I'm stuck in the office building maze I can't get passed the frog part XD

is this based on the horror movie Darkness Falls ?

any recommended free to use lo-fi music to use if making videos on this game ?

I really wanna play this but every time I open it up the game closes and tells me there is a security risk and I need to restart my PC ?

hey when I buy I think it was called box of fish on one of the computer things I can't escape for some reason. So I'm sorta stuck XD

should totally make a count chocula game that'd be interesting I know it's totally different to good old captain crunch but still XD

Man I need to get recording this for my channel. Could be my first video on the channel. This looks awesome 

is there any differences between this version and the steam one. I'm just curious on which one I should be getting and I do know the one on steam is free if I'm correct

I checked out your game and is there a way to get away from siren head or do you just die ?

a little bit rude don't you think 

anyone know what the font was for the title of the game IDK if it was made especially for the game or if it's an actual font you can find ?

Link expired or something XD

is this supposed to be a demo for a bigger game cause the game ended so quickly lol I wanted more 

please make more games like this this was really good. The story was superb not many games have a good story one that can latch on to you. You set up a world that fascinated me and the art of the game is stunning. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next whether it's something based around this sort of universe you've set up or if it's totally different I'm sure it'll be epic. I'll make sure to follow you and play whatever comes next :)

quite a bit of similarity to faith which is also pretty much in the same art style. Looking forward to playing it :)

I came across the same issue I tried updating the .net framework but was told it was already up to date so yeah not sure what I can do next

I see an option in controls for WASD how do I use those cause I tried and it didn't work. only the ZQSD and arrow keys worked 

would love to see some English text in on the game. 

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Why is this no longer for Mac I'm pretty sure I played this once before and I'm on a Mac ?

If someone was to make a video on this game wouldn't they get a copyright notice cause of the music videos ?

Having an issue playing this on my Mac I keep getting a thing saying the game is damaged and can't be opened ?

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Awesome game I really enjoyed it managed to get through the first 2 nights which I'm surprised by honestly. Sad to see I got  copyright I thought that issue was fixed or am I missing something. But yeah anyways good game and can't wait to see what you do next :)

how does one open this game on Mac I've tried to but all it says is
Error extracting 'Pincer.exe' Invalid Format ??

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The guy named Hazz here just letting you know I played your game and it was awesome. The game was quite wacky and creative I really enjoyed playing it. I may come back to it again sometime to see if I can get to the end

Hey I made a video for your game. I thought it was great, kinda sad that when you die you have to play the game all over again. But apart from that the game was cool. Oh and the monsters in the game looked really awesome. I would rate this a 6/10