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I thought this was very well made. Very bizzare, but I also found it weird in some parts.

This game was a mix of horror and some amusing moments! Very eerie. Great game, highly recommend!

Very interesting game, I enjoyed the animations! I enjoyed it. Highly recommend it!

Very very creepy game, really got me good. That puzzle midway was very confusing, really had to look everywhere in one room. Very well made.

Really disturbing! The graphics and everything in this game was mindblowing! I really enjoyed it. The 2 jumpscares got me good. 10/10 for this game. Would highly recommend. Never had a game put me on edge within 1 second.

This game was very disturbing. The projector parts were a very clever idea! I love the little ideas, like the hang man bit. 10/10, wish for more from you! Keep it up. Your games are awesome.

Very creepy and very well made. Made me laugh at some parts. The ending was a new level of no drinking and driving

This game was so good! Some of the spooks did get me good, but I also enjoyed the humour.

Another great game by Jivapeira! Can't wait for more in the future 😁

Already going into my collections!! Will be done soon for the awesome Jiva.

Very fun game! Awesome experience. Really got me on the edge a lot. Very good. Here is my video!

One of the best storylines I have seen. I really loved the different outcome for another ending. Nice plot, very creepy and so well made. Very clever. I loved it. Keep it going, can't wait for more from you. 

well, they are fun. I am still trying to complete hardcore mode. 

Is it possible to beat hardcore?

Back again, but with compilations of me screaming and getting scaried. Hardcore mode this time! Full video will be out tomorrow

Very hard, a lot harder than case 1. But worth a play, and awesome location, took a while to figure out the place. Awesome game, can't wait for another case 😜

Very very eerie! Some parts I was shocked. Very well made game, love the like.. paper pop up sorta thing. 9/10 from me. I loved it.

this was absolutely terrifying, but I cannot wait for 2022 :)

very very excited for the full release. I really liked the story. I was a little confused with some stuff in 2nd part, so couldn't finish the demo. Got me a few times as well, so a great piece. Well done.

Very mysterious, and quite creepy. Very good game, wish there was more to it! But very good.

glad we will hopefully get along :P skyrim is literally my favourite game

Another great game from you! Always seem to scare me each time! Keep it up :) 

Thank you Jiva,  I am looking forward to continuing with the game, and make a series out of it! I loved how it gave me a mix of Skyrim and Black Ops Zombie vibe. With my little issue, I've been trying to figure it out for so long! I think I may have fixed it. Got a new video coming up tomorrow, different game ofc. It's frustrating seeing framerate issues in some of my previous recordings. I appreciate the help, just like I am willing to help promote other games of yours in the future. I am glad I entertained you and that you enjoyed the video. You are awesome too, keep it up :)

Very amusing game, 3rd attempt. Still got to me some parts, and very fun. Good bit of action too. Thanks for the recommendations!

I really enjoyed the storyline! Very clever and well made. The jumpscares got me good. Thank you for the experience, keep it up! 

I done the game again, but on Hard Mode. Proper hooked onto this game. Actually enjoy playing the game!

Very good game, I was actually scared in the house part lol. 

Very creepy game, but quite interesting. Unfortunately got the bad ending. Still a great game. It took me a while to figure out some of the parts. 

Well done, the experience made me feel tense! But I enjoyed it :)

A very creepy game, definitely wouldn't stay the night. I was hoping for more, hopefully. 

Probably by far the scariest game I have played so far on my channel, really put me on edge. Really enjoyed the animation, jumpscares and the atmosphere. Great experience 

Very good game, made me quite scared! Keep it up, loved the game :)

Very fun game, made me jump a few times. But very entertaining.

This game was really spooky. But worth a try! Thanks for this experience. 

Very good game, very entertaining. Definitely would recommend the game, but maybe not the fast food experience ;) 

Played on easy mode, Granny and Slendrina only. First time playing any of the Granny games, i had fun! I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Very fun game! I enjoyed playing. I screamed so much, so many jumpscares! Thanks for this experience :) 

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I enjoyed this game, very intense! Thank you for contacting me. Can't wait for more games from you hopefully! :) Game is on premiere, at 4:30pm, UK time tomorrow.

Very entertaining game, very funny. Uploaded onto my channel.

Very good game! 10/10 Quite spooky.