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This was quite cool! Gave a silent hkll inspired feel. Be cool to see an episode 2! Here is my video

This was terrifying & I would be keen to see full game! I loved the VHS effect and the spookines. Kept me on edge. Here is my video! 

Here is my gameplay clipped from my live stream! Be exciting to see chapter 2! 

Here is the video

I quite enjoyed this & keen to see the full game! I would even stream it too. I left my feedback at the end! I did run into a bug (Shown in the video) 
Keep up the good work! Got my support! 

Here is my playthrough of Chapter 1, Torture House (I played majority of the gameplay through demo) It was nice to see some changes & added bits. Very nice!
Here is my video! 

I chose to stream this game! It's at 6:51! Enjoy!
Thought this was alright, it was short, weird and atmospheric.
It looked like an afternoon walk gone wrong :) There was a moment where I did get lost and didn't know where to go, but I eventually got there in the end. keep it up! :)

This was alright! Reminded me of Drive to Hell a little bit.
Creepy. and straight too the point! Even the radio going on and off drove ME mad haha! Good job Jordan! I'll be keen to seeing more. 
(PS I am aware I may have missed context, but I am sure when full game releases I'll listen. :) )
The game is at: 20:26

I chose to stream this game! The game is at 1:08:22

This was quite cool & unique, I loved the timing and fighting part. it was atmospheric, creepy, and weird. I unfortunately couldn't complete the game, but it's a game I'd come back to finishing! 

Here is my video to the stream, enjoy! You have my support.

Niven, this was really fun to stream! And glad to have you seen you enjoy it! I liked the plot, the atmosphere and the retro feel. It felt a little TWD & Silent hill. It had a creepy vibe to it too! Your game is at: 2:09:28

Never disappoint me Niven! I loved this :

Hi! I was recommended to stream this and thought it was alright! The way he was dancing made me laugh at the end and it defo had it's goofy moments. Had some creepy moments, the trying to escape & being chased parts were good.

Here is my video! Your game is at 1:51:20

Hi! I chose to stream your game! And I liked it, made me hyped to play I'm on Observation Duty since it'll be my first time. I liked that you could walk around & take photos! I actually almost made it to 6AM, but then started to fail, but couldnt understand how or why lol

I didn't complete the chapter as I ran into some issues. It was very buggy in some parts, including the flashlight being on and it did lag sometimes.

BUT I do hope to come back & stream it again! Your game on my stream is at 36:18

I hope you enjoy!

Hi! I Chose to stream your game at 2:31:05.
I am already looking forward to chapter 2, and I think others enjoyed it too! 
I liked the atmosphere, the little jumpscares and the way you can interact. hell even finding notes was good! 
Here is the link to my stream!

Nice & short. A little creepy. I thought this was alright! Here is my video! Keep up the good work

This was very nice! Short & spooky! I found all collectables too. I loved scareBNB. Here is my video!

I finally got round to playing this & I was not disappointed. It was goofy, it was spooky and so mysterious! Ending i didn't expect.. here is my gameplay! Good work & keep it work. Looking forward to see what you have next. 

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I was very happy to hear episode 2 was out and I thought it was interesting! Only thing were the subtitles & text messages, some of it didn't make sense. Here is my video!

I thought this was pretty decent! It was creepy & short! This horror game did send chills down my spin a few times. Here is my video with my final thoughts at the end! 

Here is my playthrough of the demo! I will be very keen to see the full release! Beautiful looking game and creepy! Left some notes at the end. Keep up yhe good work, here is my video!

Here is my playthrough of Sabishii!! Nice & short! I really enjoyed this, I was confused middway on what to do! Awesome work Aza :)

Using mouse and keyboard, but I cannot look down or look up. :( 

This was short, and creepy! Nice to see another F2F fan-made game. I do wish there was an alternative ending where he could've gotten the knife :(
Jumpscares got me very good haha! Here is my video! with my final thoughts at the end.

As requested! Here is my gameplay of Twinkles birthday. This was short, creepy & straight into the action. Here is my video!

Made a shorts for Eki :)

Had good fun with this, nice and creepy! All endings found and be looking forward to more! Good work. Here is my video

I have high hopes for this, I loved Martha's Dolls & hope to see the full release of Bokkie (sorry if I pronounced his nsme wrong oops) there are a couple of bugs, one I didn't keep. But i got stuck inbetween the tables in that classroom. But good job!

don't worry, saw your notification for it other day! Already recorded & will be released tomorrow (Tuesday) 5PM GMT

Here is my playthrough of chapter 1.


Thought this was quite alright! I didn't expect that dark turn at the end there! Good job, here is my video! 

This was another good one, very disturbing dark twist too. 
It was short & right into the action. Here is my video! 

So, I chose to stream your game and had NO idea what to expect. It reminded me a lot of Man in the Window game. Very spooky moments! I hope to see more from you. Your game is at 1:38:49

I chose to come back to this & stream this game. 
Still spooked me a little and cannot wait for full release! Your game is at 18:47.
Keep up the good work! 

This was absolutely hilarious, yet weird. I was not sure of what to expect.
I chose to stream it too, and your gameplay is at 3:22:50
Keep up the good work 

This was a fun, short & defo bizarre game. I did NOT see that ending coming haha

. I also chose to stream it too! Your game is at 50:16.
Keep up the good work. 

I chose to stream your game. This was short, eerie and I liked the black & white filter. Good job as usual. hehe, keep up the good work! 
Your game is at 1:29:23

I chose to stream this game on my YT channel, and also subbed for a chapter 2 :) This was quite solid, and thought it was quite fun. Your game is at 1:13:00
Keep up the good work, got my support! :) 

HOLY MOLY! I was recommended to play this on my stream and I am so glad I did. This was so intense and it sent me chills a lot. I dont have anything bad to say either. Your game is at 1:53:04. Good job :D

Once again Niven, really good! I chose to stream this too, and got both endings. The little scares and the trippyness inside the church, very startling! 
Your game is at 3:31:48 

Hey! I chose to live stream your game! I thought this was quite fun, and I found it amusing in some ways, a little tense. But I enjoyed it & so did my fellow audience :) Your game is at 26:50

Thanks for the reply! I'll remember that for when I play the full release haha.