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This game was really good! I enjoyed this mascot horror! I am looking forward for part II!! It was really intense in some parts! Here is my video 

That's interesting! Be so cool! I cannot wait!

Oooh! I am so excited for the full release! I am glad a full release is happening. One of the endings? Meaning there will be more than one ending? 

anytime! Great game!

I am really excited for the full release! I thought this was great, I had fun! I like how it was straight in with the action! I put my honest feedback at the end! I got really creeped out. keep up the great work!
Here is my new video! 

I've never pressed download so fast! This was very different to the first, you had to really pay attention to detail! It was sweet to see Junior and mama rabbit all grown up.

Still creeped me out, and especially leaving the apartment to go get the missing page! Great game! <3
Here is my video: 

Very much reminded me of rides with strangers. I wish this was a little longer and maybe some interaction. Never felt so awkward! Great game, very creepy. 


This started off as cute, but it escalated fast! I had no idea what to expect, but it was quite interesting n fun! Great work! Here is my video!

This game very much reminded me of Late Night Mop. Very good work, i managed to find all 4 endings! I gave you my honest feedback at the end! The jumpscares were nice. :)
Here is my video! I hope to see more projects from you!

It took me 2 hours to be able to finish and get the good ending! It took sometime. But I am glad I got there. I wish there was better hiding spots that aren't listed in the book. Great game! 

This was horrific! I screamed so much in this one. Another great game from you Emika! Absolutely excited for your next game!! That hatch bit got me good. Maybe he should have just burnt that doll! here is my gameplay! 


I'll be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I thought Carson was still in the house.. The jumpscares got me good! Here is my gameplay! 

This game was fun, and it did terrify me. It took me a few tries to realise Danny works a certain way. Ginger was a pleasure to look after. I hope the character got paid millions! haha, great game! Cannot wait for more!

This was great! Really scary. I was nervous the whole time finding them eggs, and even took me a little time to figure out how that drone worked. Really looking forward to the sequel now! Here is my gameplay, please come and watch! 

I think this was the creepiest mannequin horror game I have played. I got really scared. I loved the art style. the build up and the way it was done. I said my feedback in the video. I hope you do produce more games! I would love to see more from you! Here is my video 


This was very different to what games you do! But I liked it! I love your games, very different. It put me on edge. I loved the style of this game. Please keep up the good work! Here is my video on your game! 

A fun little game! I really got spooked a few times. Good job! Keep up the good work! Here is my video! Please like, comment and subscribe!

Nice and short game! I enjoyed this. I left a feedback in this video! I hope you enjoy my video! 

This was nice and short! This is something I would NEVER do The jumpscares got me and the thrills were great! Awesome job! Here is my gameplay

This was very good, kept me on edge. That santa is definitely not after milk and cookies. The intro surprised me ahhaha! I hope she did get home okay, even though she was being evicted. Here is my video here! Great work

It was alright, nice and short! I would love to see a bit more on this bus! I would have loved a little more. I cannot wait for more! Here is my video :D 

This game was so strange! but hilarious!! 
It made me put a little more effort into editing! 
The jumpscares got me good too! Well done! Keep up the good work. Not bad for a game that was made in 2 days! 

I thought this was hilarious! I laughed a lot, as well as screamed at some things. Lesson learned, throw fanta and issue is done. (I am aware it's sprite cranberry. Just being silly.) Here is my video! 

This was okay! I enjoyed it. the jumpscares got me good! I just wish there was more to it! 
Here is my video, both endings! 

Very spooky! The jumpscares were great! Had me terrified! I wish I knew what was behind that door with heavy breathing. My only complaint was how dark it was. Other than that, I really enjoyed this! Here is my video! Feel free to watch! 

This was great fun! It did creep me out right off the bat. The couple of jumpscares did get me good! Why did it turn into monster house? 

Here is my video of it here!

This game was really good, I wish it went on for longer!! I really liked the build-up. I liked the design, and style. I enjoyed this! I cannot wait for more projects from you! Here is my video, feel free to watch! I gave feedback at the end. :)

This was fantastic! I love playing your games! I was a waiting for another After Midnight game! You really pulled this one off! I gave my feedback at the end. Here is the gameplay! I really screamed. Defo never babysitting again

This was good! Really creepy and I found it interesting. I wonder what happened next? That puzzle near the end made me think, glad I got there in the end! Thank you for an awesome little horror! 

This was really good, it has the jumpscares, loud noises and it did have screams! I cannot believe plankton killed people!? 

I played this on easy & medium. Here is the link to my video! Come and watch. I gave my honest feedback at the end!

Very spooky! I enjoyed this, I wish there was a little more!
That jumpscare in the end had me good! Here is my video on it, very good job! 

This was great, took me a while to find the last skull as didn't realise there was a bathroom! The scares were good, creepy atmosphere!

Here is my video, make sure to like and sub for me!

This was absolutely a fantastic piece of work! Really set me on edge and the way the dogs turned all weird! Jesus.

Here is my play through! I hope you all enjoy!

Very short, scary and gave me reasons why I won't go in a public bathrooms! The way he was peeking over the bathroom, had me.. Here is my video! 

Stall.. when going to the loo in public goes a little wrong

This got me on edge in the house and the mirror maze, really thought something was going to chase me! 
Really good, and it was adorable in some parts, had me chuckle. Here is my gameplay, I hope you enjoy! 

Ate a dodgy Mcdonalds happy meal, now paying for it! 

Ronald is coming for me!
It was good! I had fun, I got scared! :D Cannot wait for more! 
Here is my video! 

Very good game. It did confuse me as to why Chucky was there? The jumpscares got me good too. That toilet bit really had me laughing. I hope to see more from you! Here is my video!

This was really good, I screamed at some jumpscares! And I liked the mystery. However, the textures moving and stuff, made me feel weird.
Here is my gameplay! 

I made a shorts video of that jumpscare by the way! 
It got to me good. 

so you send me a tweet, asking me to play this. I have pay for it, why does your dev logs " any youtuber of streamer get the game for free" 

This isnt a trick? Maybe if it was free, people would be able to play. Unless it has a virus