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I don´t live in America, I´m not a college student, I haven´t come out to my dad yet. but, this was so relatable even to me. It was as if pieces of torn-up pictures of my memories with my dad got glued together, and made into a video game. Especially the depression part. Thanks for making it, it´s really amazing. 

Can someone please help me with papyrus's romance? I've tried so many times but it just doesn't work for me

I love this! i came here from the bus stop game and this one is just too cute :D i really like the aesthetic you got going on!!

I absolutely adore this type of game, very well done! <33

Oh. My. Fucking. God. This was AMAZING!!! It's so jampacked with stuff and everything is obviously made with love??? I loved all the characters, the music was so good omfg if it's not on spotify already?? and the art is just GORGEOUS!! I usually make more serious reviews but this is just too good for that. I haven't even 100% the game yet but i am SO going to do that.

I loved this game, it was funny and charming! I also love how they basically become a throuple at the end lol

Oh also the artstyle and design direction in this game is phenomenal! I love the limited color palette the characters had compared to the oranges, reds and yellow of most backgrounds! It really made them pop

Oh my god 😭😭😭 this game was so good i just cant?? I think I'm gonna burst because of the happiness this gave me


Okay i downloaded this just for fun just expecting a shitty shitpost and at first i felt like my expectations were right, i got so damn annoyed by just dying over and over so i just quit it at one point!! but today i played it again and oh my god I am in LOVE with Etsuji and his story and this game! it was so good and the deep talks and the deep moments were so good!!! This was super funny and also so fucking cute 

100/10 pls punch me again