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Im only in chapter 2 so far and i swear my main reaction to every cg ive seen is hes gorgoues or there gorgeous. ITS JUST TO DAM PRETTY. I love it so far. and i dont know if this will bite me in the but later but ive already flirted with like 4 of them lol. Cause I like them all so far.

Im also defiantly gonna become a patreon as soon as I get my next pax check (so in a week or so lol)

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Im Gonna Cry. I was actually at pax east this year and and  I didnt know you had a booth. I like your game a lot and If your going to be at pax next year i will defiantly go and saw hi this time and probably buy whatever merch you have lol.

I love the demo. it was so good now i got another thing to be impatient about. iwas really hoping we were gonna get to see the sword spirts human form to. Im interested in him adn of course lenny to. The only thing i didnt like was how dense the main charecter was sometimes to dating like not even knowing what a couple was but other then that she was really cute and interesting. I'll defienlty buy the full game once it comes out.

is this like a otome where some charecters will have routes cause i think it would be really cool.

i really hope you update this because its a good stpry and such a good artstyle