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Oh, this isn't a competitive or judged game jam. I apologize for not being more forthcoming of this in the beginning.

You're very welcome! 

thank you very much!

you're very welcome!

this was really cute and i really enjoyed reading it! keep up the good work <3

thank you so very much for writing this. 

it's truly beautiful and genuinely moved me to tears, especially towards the end. <3

this is very beautifully-written! I felt quite comforted, in a strange sense, as I read through this. 

I sure hope you continue writing more Twine games. :D

Interesting premise, I'm excited to see more from you!

Absolutely loved every moment of reading this. Very moving.

Thank you for writing this.

Roger is the most oddly adorable Twine protagonist I've encountered in quite a while. Unfortunately I got the bad ending at first. 

Good story, hope to see more :D

Utterly adored the imagery you used here. Also, props for using ascii art. :D

Fantastic use of surreal imagery here. The coloring was pretty and I loved the font choice, too!

This made me chuckle a few times. Good work!

This was utterly adorable! I'd love to see more stories like this.

I found this really comforting to read through for some reason.

keep up the good work. :D

the frog is our god.

we must worship the frog.

we must love the frog.

(This was pretty frickin' sweet, by the way.)

Very interesting story, I hope to see more from you in the future. :D

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Very interesting story! I loved the use of illustrations and different background shades and colours. Can't wait to see more from you!

This is utterly adorable! I hope your cat recovers well from her surgery