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I love the concept of this so much, there needs to be more nostalgic webcore/computer inspired YN fangames :)

You're welcome, I can't wait to see more from you in the future :D If you still plan on making Sonic stuff ^^

Yes! I love seeing Sonic fangames that use OCs :D

I'm a little too busy to be involved myself but you have permission to do so. ^^ Have fun!

Hello, is there any way I can change the screen size of this game? I'm wanting to run it in a smaller window :)

This is so sweet :)

Yeah, I was able to run the command in the dev console just fine, it just doesn't affect anything once the level reloads.

I checked the log and there's no errors, but strangely enough the log never mentions anything to do with the Tourism mod even though it's in the System folder - surely there should be a mention about it being a loaded package or something? The only patch I'm using is Kenty's launcher/Deus Exe so the game runs properly on my monitor but that's it.

Doesn't seem to work at all for me. Loaded the mod and all the guards still see and attack me :(

Everything about this is utterly beautiful. <3 Thank you.

creepy! i love it <3

This was wonderful, the words were so poetic and bleak that I couldn't help but be drawn further in with each character or object I interacted with. Thank you for making this

very sweet! i love the lighthouse setting :)

Beautiful writing and music, plus I love the lighthouse setting. <3 Can't wait to see more from you.

This is amazing. A beautiful story told with beautiful art and beautiful music. <3 Loved every moment.

Thank you! :D

"Sublime" is a word that sums up this whole project. I loved the imagery, especially the "cosmos" section. The music added so much to the atmosphere and the dialogue was so..thought-provoking. Perfect as always! <3

I always love the architecture in your games. Good use of music too. <3

Just finished playing through this little series and I loved it. I can't quite put into words the feelings it stirred in me, but it certainly did stir them indeed. Job well done! <3

This, strangely enough, made me feel nostalgic whilst playing. I loved the imagery you conjured, especially in the end with the summer memories. The music was really good too! <3

How very sweet and heartwarming. Made me smile multiple times <3

This is probably one of the prettiest  games I've ever sat through in a while. The music and scenery were utterly breathtaking, and the story was really powerful and moving.

Very cute and heartwarming!! <3

You're welcome!!

I will soon meet a peanut borger! It's what I've always wanted!!

Very moving and heartwarming. <3

I do love a happy ending

I love any and all Bitsy games that imitate website interfaces or PC interfaces. :D

Adorably creepy!

So adorable! I hope the snail's garden lasts forever and yields plenty of wonderful fruits and vegetables for many years to come.

And thus, a beautiful partnership is born...

Some fantastic thoughts you've gathered here.

Agree with this so much!

So beautiful! <3 I love this community.

The beginning of a legend, right here. :D

Very cosy and informative! I included this in a write-up of Bitsy games, which can be found here if you wish to read it! :)

Any game that reminds me of the ZX Spectrum is a winner, in my books! Lovely atmosphere too.  I included this in a write-up of Bitsy games which you can read here if you so choose.

Very nice little adaptation of Snake. I included this in a write-up of Bitsy games which you can read here, if you so wish! :)

Wonderful imagery, beautiful soundtrack. Love everything about this <3 I also included it in a write-up of Bitsy games, which you can read here if you so wish!

Utterly adored the scenery and puzzle elements to this. I included it in a write-up of Bitsy games that you can read here, if you so wish.

So spooky! I loved everything about this! I also included it in a write-up of Bitsy games, that you can read here