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+1, loved the control scheme, but low frame-rate + not being able to break well lead to not being able to react to any fast moving obstacles. Fun concept! 

Had plenty more game element ideas (dropping fish into a boat, golden fish, daytime vs nighttime fish, survival/hunger needs) but only so much you can do with 3 hours!

I'd love to hear any ideas you have on polish!

Largest bugs resolved version, about 5 minutes extra time but completed after submission:

  • No boundary box
  • Infinite spawning enemies/no game over rate reset 
  • Audio issue with firing sounds
  • Recharge hitbox resized 

If you choose to play this version, please refresh page when enemy spawning goes wild :) I will update this build to bugfix version after voting

Pretty shaders! Similar to another game in the jam that spent more time with the concept and had a no gravity mode when moving around managing things. The movement in the game felt inconsistent with jump heights and being able to stick to walls. Still fun :) 

0 gold over 100 days, everybody is happy including me :) 

86, fun game :) 


Such a short time! Glad you had fun it :)