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fun fact, the sims was gonna be called "dollhouse" but EA thought it was too feminine and back then girls didnt play video games, oh how the times have changed lol. the name drew me to this game, and it looks right up my alley. i cant wait to get into it, sometimes you just wanna put the minecraft down and play dolls again, and this looks like a good place to do it.

hey yall, no to be that bish, but its "Graystillplays", not that it really matters, just a heads up in case someone wanted to search his channel to see what everyone was talking about. hes killing it with these titles, i dont know how the man always seems to weed out the best this place has to offer, ill be sure to play this as well, once i get through all the other ones hes played that i wanna play lol.

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"Join the SIXam family"

i really, really hope this is a sims reference (sixam is maxis backwards, maxis being the studio that makes and created the sims)

omg im an idiot, it prolly means 6 am family lol. im a play this just to see now lol. beautiful art, and a wonderful concept i do look forward to it. 

i thought it was pure genius on your guys part, and a nice way to say "thanks for playing the game on your channel!" to Gray. Yeah, i am a huge fan of this game, and im so excited you guys are taking feedback and wanting to continue adding onto it. i love like everything about it, how unique and different each hitchhiker is, the drivers backstory, the "meta"-ness of that one ending, its all so great. so much potential with this game i feel. then again i just love point and click games like this. thanks so much for the reply, im sure you guys are busy so it means a lot that you took the time to respond!

hey coda big fan of this game, its right up my alley and i almost have all the endings done! (stuck on the last one i need, ill get it tho!) anywho i absolutely love what you guys did with floridaman and graystillplays, i thought that was just the coolest, and was thinking of another semi iconic youtuber character, Jim Pickens. and its great cuz his wife, death, is already in the game too! a little background on Jim: youtuber callmekevin has this iconic Sims4 character he made named Jim Pickens. Jim likes to kill sims, and make babies, he also has a profound cult but absolutely do not, whatever you do, look for frogs! anyways yah for context on jim id recommend watching any of kevins sims videos, hes like the main sim he plays along with his cooky family of santas and his child, first name, whos part alien.  i know this sounds like a bunch of, well crap, but i really think Jim Pickens would fit into the hikers cast perfectly. i totally understand if floridaman was just like a way of saying thanks to gray for playing on youtube, and you dont intend on adding anymore "youtube characters", but yeah, like i said jim would be perfect ;) anyways thanks for making such a fun, unique game. theres so many aspects of it i just love that i could go on all day talking about it lol. thanks so much guys! youll prolly hear from me again ;)

oof another  great reason why this game is 18+. kids cant even see that its free.

Absolutely 100% gotta be FloridaMan. that was the coolest hiker you couldve added, and how you guys referenced some of grays old videos, and the ever adorable spleens, was just awesome. i was smiling the whole time he played it.