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I liked the design of the game and the idea behind but it was very hard to play while having two screens : the game doesn't detect the end of the screen and you end up clicking on the other one all the time...which minimize the game.

It gets hard so fast xD

That's so hard to focus on both but fun xD

The game only loaded in a smaller screen than the one it was supposed to though. I wish I could put it as a clear fullscreen :)

It was fun to play and replay after! I just had an issue when I used the replay button, it didn't show me the cases anymore for the spells, so I had to refresh. 

When you extend the time at the last moment, it stills makes you happened to me twice xD
But fun game though! Making it in 48h is impressive!

280 on my first try but honestly very fun game!! How frustrating it is when you believe you closed all and suddenly one infected jump over and contaminate almost everyone xD

It was a fun game honestly xD I wish there was a way to view back the explanation help while playing though

Interesting idea! But when I try to replay, my character is not capable to shoot anymore and I need to refresh the page... a bit annoying while I use basic chrome.

There is a real delay when playing on the web that does not really come from my connexion I think. Maybe if we could download it to play it, it would be more fun. It is a funny idea for a rhythm game but I can't play well those faster levels like that.

Interesting idea! I didn't let them burn but that ice cream pressure though...xD first try 321s. Let's see if I can get more but definitely recommend as a quick challenge :)

It was an interesting game. I especially liked the "He sees you" because it gives a little scary touch to it.

Very simple game but real fun to play! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

It's a really fun idea! Thanks for sharing the code with us.
I discovered I could create house over another house and it made me smile xD

It's hard to stay alive but impressive game for such restrictions! Thanks for sharing the code, it is a good inspiration to learn more. I'll check your other games too.

Thanks for answering even long after! It will just make me try it again then

I don't know if I prefer Death end or Galeas... both were really great.  ButI like the other too x)

It was a nice change to manage the game like that actually! The only thing I really missed might have been a gallery to keep track of the endings I got maybe.

It's a bit hard to keep track of the choice you make here, with no menu or even saves. The story was nice but I don't feel like the choices I made really mattered much except for the last one maybe.

But it was interesting to have a VN made with Unity and not Ren'py for a change :)

Thanks, it worked for me :)

Really sweet game ! I didn't expect to love it this much but I did :)

I follow the advice given on another post to try to get the bad ending but I keep getting the good one instead xD

I someone know the steps, it'd be really nice to help me out please! (and I'd be forever grateful too)

At one point, I understood that if I did awful beard but quick, I got better grades... so I just cut randomly. 

The idea is really cool but the control not so much so I can recommend to give it a try and see for yourself :3

I was eaten by cats while trying to fill their bowl. I might never look at mine the same way ever again xD

Great game though!

Really good game :3
I got differents ending but not all of them (I miss 5 to 8) and I'd be interested to see a guide too ! :o

I got bad ending, worst ending and then good ending! And it really was the right order to do them so that you won't feel sad after xD
Really good plot though. I was hoping for at least more subtext but as for the game itself it was really nice :3

(Although I admit I played without the music because it annoyed me.)

That was short but definitely cute. Worth a play :3
I was hoping for more subtext though but nice this way too :)

Cute idea! I'm really looking forward to be able to buy thing or even maybe just go into buildings ?

Ever though about allowing players to change the touch mapping ?

And having to wait for the next day on real world time is a bit hard to be honest. Just launching the game for one delivery to get 5pts is sad. But don't worry that's not like mean criticizing or something, because I know doing it on your own is a hell lot of work so I'll really just start following you with hope to see more :3

How can you put it in window mode ? By using escap button, I somehow manage to do it once but it closes the game most of the time. Playing in full mode is hard on the eyes and kind of make the game ugly instead of cute.

It'd be cool to be able to change controls but still an awesome idea ! It reminds me of all those things you can do with unity... You're an inspiration :)