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On my god!  LOVE THIS!  Great concept, really well executed.  Great work!

Looks great!  Good luck I hope this sells well for you!

Nice idea!  I like the time-loss mechanic when you hit the red snakes.  Might be cool to add a 2nd gameplay mode where eating crystals adds time back?

Really fun, nice work!

I remembered whilst testing that hitting 's' in game will skip the current level.  I also found a bug in level 1 of wraparound which sometimes prevents you from moving - press 's' if this happens and you skip to level 2 and everything is fine for the remaining levels.

I played and completed this game on an Android phone and it’s brilliant! Great music, fun story, clear graphics, perfect controls - I’m looking forward to running through again on a bigger screen with a controller!

Awesome game! Was playing this 20 years ago, and it is still great now :) 

Love this game. Difficulty ramps up in that last level but otherwise a perfect mini game, brilliant executed :)