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In the settings, click on the button that says “all tracks” and it will change to “custom tracks only” which will only generate the race with the custom tracks!

try pressing the scroll wheel down on the mouse, or pressing with three fingers on a trackpad!

release marbles by pressing space

Try the GitHub version (link in comments)

This version has export and import which allows you to save tracks as text, like a save code. 

The start/ end block is required for each track

Hope that helps!

press “c” on the keyboard to create a block!

Every start teleporter has to have an end teleporter to send the marbles to. Try adding an end teleporter!

There is an invisible spinner that it is attached to (:


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The newer version of this game is hosted on my GitHub:

The GitHub version fixed a lot of bugs and has support for the import and export features. Thanks!

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yes, this is a problem with the webGL version. If you can’t get the desktop version, try a newer version on my GitHub:

This new version has support for the import and export features. 

Sorry to hear! The desktop version is more stable, as the nature of unity webGL can cause it to become unstable and crash. This is due to browser incompatibility and outdated features in the webGL build. 

Go into settings and click on the green button! This will make it so that only your tracks will be generated. 

Hmmm, good idea!

Right click and drag!

Thanks :)

probably so, this could be caused by a html5 update. Sorry. 

The track editor is a scene in Unity, and the  data for each track is stored in a static class called DataTransfer. 

Then I suggest using downloading the desktop version (it actually saves your progress)

And yes, definitely inspired by Cow Clicker :)

Well I guess you should just use another browser (chrome is what I tested it on).

Nice game with very good graphics!

The game concept is very cool!The physics aspect of the game makes it feel satisfying!

I updated the player to shoot black holes instead of bullets.

Think of it as a FEATURE.

Thanks for the feedback! Good luck on your game!

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You can think of the map as a big hole that you are exploring. 

*I also updated it so that the player shoots black holes