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Is this book going to get a physical retail release?

hey folks - are there any more physical copies likely to be happening soon?

oh my stars. wonderful as ever.

Q - Arcane Prism - do items in the Prism count towards the three equippable items, or is it a shared fourth slot?

Awesome thank you!

If you're in the UK,  Secret Cat shop have it in stock

is there any chance that the character sheets could be made separately available as a pee dee eff? i have the hardcopy of this (its lush btw) and want some sheets to print without risking cracking the spine

It heeps trying to print two pages landscape on each page of paper so it's doubling up. Letter or A4 is good.

Thank you! 

(i was meaning for at home printing.. I wld like to run this but I can't run from PDFs...) 

Is there any chance of a version of this suitable for landscape printing? it looks sweet

Am I guessing that any dice that dont land on the hexes arent counted in the "Cause of the collapse" table, otherwise there's no way to score 1-6?

are we commenting on the "page XX" references?

The Sapio System community · Created a new topic SO

kinda excited to get this on the table?

came for the dice, likely going to run it as well. one shots, pregens, boom.

also  - Page 52 of the core rules. this sort of page should be included in EVERY Generic RPG. Heck, even every fixed purpose RPG.

came here looking for Empower.

Left with this instead.

This looks like it will be an ideal fill in game.

Thank you ;)


creepy - but that might just be my players.