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wow thank you do you take commissions? I want to create environments for my game and your style is amazing.

This looks great, can't wait for the 4.+ version, I have some projects down the pipeline that involve this exactly!

I really like your style, do you do hired work?

Wow your style is amazing, keep up the good work, I might need some perso work for my prototype.

Wow this is nice, and having Godot files is even better, do you have a free demo file I could try first?

Hello there, is there any chance you can offer glTF for Godot?

Wow so much work keep up the good work, you are off to become a well demanded pixel art artist. Thanks for all your work.

Feedback for this page> add  your new asset underwater here too.

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Also, you could create a discord and a patreon, and earn money by doing exclusive trees, embers, hair styles, animals, plants etc if you join your patreon like for $5 or more a month, so you could have a discord and a community behind you.  Look at what "Elthen" is doing, maybe you can grab some ideas from him.

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AlmostPixel bless your wife you are a legend if you create a pack like that!!! the tree suits my game for sure, I was really thinking on what was different about my game with fishing and farming but now that you are coming up with Embers I GOTA SAY  you are God sent.

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WOW YOU just did it again! and I'm buying as promised.

I LOVE IT, omg ridable mounts, yes it looks great, hopefully, you layer the mane and that coat separately so we can combine colors! thanks!

thanks! you the best!

Missing some palm trees xD thanks!

Hello there, what's the recommended font you use in these assets? I need to know xD

Yes, I'm working on a horse breeding game aside from the town one, so having multiple colors and sizes would be nice (horses) but also having multiple rides would be amazing. Another idea for your ideas queue is to have the sea floor (coral, sea rocks, seaweeds etc) especially for this pack we are commenting on, I'm using a method to make water transparent, so having the sea floor would add more realism to the sea and lakes.

New idea, horses update! different kinds and colors so I can breed them in my game!

I promised you once I would buy everything you release and so far so good, also when would you have horses? I'll share my prototype soon.

keep up the amazing work, please create a patreon so I can support you there too.

NO WAY you did it!

this is legendary, thanks this is just what I needed for my procedural godot engine. Cheers! looking forward for your commercial items to buy them.

Great game, my feedback is make the battles more random even when you have less people you can still win, also make them skippable. 

Do you plan on creating a bundle? It would be easier for me to make 1-time payment since I get charged international fees for every transaction, and I want all your stuff. :D cheers.

You da best. Honestly one of the best nicest designers around here. 

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Hello there! you know what would be very useful, the animation when using tools just the body, so we devs can animate tools separately using the animation player in Godot, for example: 

Right now having multiple animations takes more time to code, although it looks better, but just saying have a basic animation of the hands without tools could be useful. 

Also am I crazy or there are no regular rocks you can collect with the pickaxe?

I will, great stuff, keep up the good work!

Is there a way I can contact you to give you the bug? I don't want to affect your sales. My discord is Hawk#7270

I'm supporting your every project as promised.

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I'm super interested yes, I'm actually buying all the packages your release as I say really like your eye for color combination, way more than other assets that tend to be dark or kinda not right. If I may throw some ideas, a fishing boat paid expansion would be great, you know for a more type of ocean/fishing small company game. keep up the good work.

Great progress on the assets, thank you for your devotion and keep up the good work, cant wait to buy your new assets to support you. Please consider creating a new one after the gathering update so we can actually pay for your time. Cheers!

Nice update!

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Hey man if you manage to achieve some sort of collection like the Minifantasy Essentials Bundle but in your 16x16 I promise I'll buy all your assets, I work in marketing in my day job, and using some inspiration from that bundle will make you a lot of money for sure, not saying what you need to do just trying to support with ideas! keep up the good work!

Perfect thank you just making sure!

No rush, I'm loving the way your art looks altogether, I'll be happy to show you my prototype once it's working. Question about the farm asset, I did not find the character by itself without tools, is there a place I should be looking for? I'm using the adventure character in the meantime, I guess it's the same? Cheers!

Just bought all your assets, wow they look amazing, I'll be creating a prototype in Godot, I hope you can keep updating them with the planned content as Fishing sounds super exciting! THANK YOU!

Improving a lot keep it up!

Man I appreciate this so much, do you do custom work?

This is one of the best art I've purchased at itch, 100% recommended, and the author is also responsive and willing to help you, the quality of the art is what I was expecting in a professional Unity Game Development environment. Dani also does custom jobs.

just bought it, great asset! using these for interplanetary environments lol thank you! you're da best!

we are there! get in here guys growing an awesome community!