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I agree! This is a very well thought out adult game. Developer has a fun story with plenty of purposeful action, not something that a lot of games can have said about them. Worth supporting. Hope PrometheusEVN keeps to it, good luck.

I like to play it as a side story to Love Mortem, it is a very good game. Nice work Chris Eman.

This is one of my top games atm. Really good scripting, characters are original and the game in general has a different vibe than the same old shit that always comes out.

Hopefully, you will find the desire to finish this game your brother and you created, if for no other reason than to a shining accomplishment by you both. In any light, great game, as are all your games.

Just as the developer planned, this demo is the blue ball king of demos! lolBut looks like it could be good

Hey Dirabel! Great start to your game, I really liked the style and writing. By the pictures the rest of the game looks like it will be just as good. Best of luck. I plan on hopping over to Patreon to pledge.

no just itch and patreon, that will give you the steam key if or when available.

that is about the right angle

Worth the price of admission to play this game. Support good developers when it is possible. Great game, Good luck to the developer and team.

This game shows how much you learned from your first run. Cannot wait until you have this developed and explode onto the adult gaming platform. Good luck and excellent work!

REALLY cool game. Only critique I have is, you should allow the player the ability to speed pass the beginning. But otherwise cool.

In the small amount of time since I first discovered Superhuman, I agree with you.

RawDarkness is the perfect example of what a person can do if they choose to. This one developer is creating a game that is in par with the best and is doing it at their own cost and time. What a wonderful place for those of us that have the chance to enjoy their creation before some huge gaming outfit grabs it and makes it only for profit. Thank you RawDarkness and I hope you are rewarded with the success you have earned.

Agreeing with the others here, you got great writing and imagination going on. Plus, art is not like anyone else. This hopefully will all lead to your success. Thanks for game.

Itch included the game in an email updating the games I like and similar games. Got me here and now I am going to try the game. Good luck!

Hang in there. It may be a struggle now, but if you have good skill, you will make it through the lean times. Great work on this one!

So after downloading , if you used itch it should be on the lower left hand of your screen, is it shown there?

Which type are you trying to open. mac or wind?

Right! I think that is one of the coolest GIFS.

Great sequence to the previous game with Val. Very good animations with the adult scenes.

Stay away from her until release number five. Then you have the option again and take it.

I hooked up with Grace, so still available.

Well deserved. I do not like starting games all over, it takes away the anticipation for me. But I just replayed to the fifth update on 'Going Rogue' and it was as good as the first time. I really hope you get the base you need to keep the game alive. Best of luck to you!

Come on! How is this game not at the very top list of adult games to play? This is so good and has a great story line to follow. To the devs. great job! Looking forward to the updates. Like your style

This is a uniquely drawn game with, what I would call, "the voices inside our head", element that separates this from all other games. For me, it struck me as funny to see some of the same thoughts I myself have had in my life, to be on screen. I liked it very much and hope to see more from this developer. Good luck.

I'm so glad to see your writing style IS your writing style (hope makes since to you). This new game promises to be as good or better than Now and Then, which really, I didn't think could happen. Good luck, enjoying the trip on this one.

Seems fair enough to me. 

Nine ways to Sunday and back.

WHAT? This must be a mistake. This game is the best and no reviews? Players must be getting jobs or something, only reason not to try this killer game. Eleven stars

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My Bully is my lover, mixed up with MBMR, also worth trying.

That is correct, after all if we all liked the same things then this game would be full of tentacles and an incredibly young man with a exceptionally large member. Enjoy the comments and the game.

For multiple play throughs! Unlike life, in games it is possible to get the first run all 0's and just come back and make different choices. This is how these kinds of games that are not all about the H content can survive. Enjoy the play-throughs and skip the walk-throughs. It is much more fun discovering things on your own.

Wow, have we been out of lockdown long enough to forget one of the best games to come from it? Just like all the other updates, this one is golden.

Okay, not here to bad mouth or judge any developer for trying to make their game the most it can be. I really liked this game when it went by another name. In fact, I was very much into how far it went before being renamed and placed on Steam. It is a fantastic story with a lot of characters put into the sprites. So, I am wishing R.G. good luck with this build and will watch to see if it keeps the same kind of heat it use to have.

My full pleasure. I am going o be reworking my developers i am supporting and you will definitely be getting my support.

I think I will. After leaving my comment and having some additional time, I have your other games in an earlier bundle. I really liked your style in those.