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From a great developer comes a quick, fun mini game. Thanks Dead End Games.

He sent out a letter to his supporters saying he was through with the politics being played with developers. Said to look for him on Discord or his website, sorry I do not have either to pass on here but a quick search will find him.

Great original game play. Looking forward to continuing the trip

Played the demo, looks like it has good mechanics. Not sure on if the game can be worth the price tag but that would be each their own, I guess. I'm going to play the demo some more if it changes my opinion I'll update. Four stars I think,

Great introduction to the game! The developer stays true to their writing effect, is carried out with a mix of scooby doo & the previous games made by this developer (if not familiar with, look up View all by Andrealphus). Definitely this is a 5 star game and looks to be a great one to follow / support. Looking forward to future chapters. 
Also they are given everyone the opportunity to look / try for free, so unless you lack the room to download you should give it a try.

You did a fantastic job PixelsLab in staying true to the story without standing renders, like we have come to expect from you! Hope this gets the word out and more support you. Congratulations on 7 great chapters.

I am surprised to not find many comments on this board! This is a full on adult game with a very good baseline for the story. If your wondering if you should try it, you should. Thank me later, lol.
Great job fidless. 

I played your games from the beginning  and must tell you, this is the best put together of them all. Very interesting and like the side information tabs you have built in. Great job!

Thank you and good luck. It should be an exciting tour to see the future of Legend as well as other games you develope!

I am ecstatic to see PixelsLab commenting again on itch. I also am happily eating my words that you were one short hop from closing the game. This game will accomplish your goals/needs in life once it starts to get noticed. Stay with it, as you are, and best in making your arduous work come through for you. The story is still the best!

This is THE most fun adult game on any site! The developers really put it all out on this. The MC and the quest he is sent on keeps you satisfied both in humor and NSFW. It has been a real joy to support the developers and see the journey unravel. I have yet to have spoken to someone who had not enjoyed the game play.

If your just starting Killer Project, your in for a fun ride. The freedom that popsexstudio gives here is almost unheard of. Sure it has it's repeatable scenes but even those are in fun design. plenty here to dig around in.

I disagree, great game and just the right amount of time, lol. You were able to fit so many taboo events in such a window just shows how well you tell your stories.

Both happy and surprised to be the first to post for this game/update. This game is so deep and involved. It's like one of those movies you watch a dozen times and each time you watch you discover something new in it. If on the fence, jump on in!

Funny no comments on this AVN yet. It has a very good story and the adult scenes are more than satisfying. Cannot imagine how the story will continue but will surely keep up to date to see in which direction it flows to. 5 stars

2nd paragraph, top of the page, lol.

This game is so good. All the humor and details to the expressions is right there with the best of the best. Hoping you always land on your feet and surround yourself with allies.

What a fun game you have here Pixieblink! Can not help but see how the characters and drawing styles are similar to at least two other game makers, but the story and h scenes are on a level all itself.  Liked this one enough to jump over to your Patreon page and join up. Keep the style and humor flowing. Looking forward to future releases as well as additional work you do. 

Going to go with the crowd here, story seems like it would be funny and interesting, but the images throw the entire thing off. If the developer cleans up the images or really redoes them, it would be 5 stars. I had to stop after 4 minutes in.

YES, Beryl & Wanda with Wanda being the most liked by me. Probably not the one most select, her character is more like a real woman would be if she tried to live the life style they are doing,  I think. All are fun.

Another very fun adult game by Nephremka.

I can confirm what Manka Games said. This is the third update I have had and they were free after the original, but they are still worth joining on Patreon to support.

Just finished the 1 chapter and holly s***! What a twisting great story, with grade a H scene! I laugh at myself when I think how much the story changed and swung me to a supporting Patreon sub,lol. Really excellent job dr.mad. Also liked how you made you be the hero Dr, nice.

Just started this AVN. Rendering is good, transitions feel smooth. The story seems well thought out and has some suspense in it. I am not a huge fan on the way the map and movements are done, but this is just a personal item, nothing to keep me or you from supporting the developer. So far particularly good, hopefully the developer keeps the pace going and we see a good start finish just as good.

Nice simple tool that cleans up clutter quickly and efficiently

YES, very nice work. A lot of attention to the details as well

This is not only a fun AVN game, IT IS THE FIRST I HAVE PLAYED THAT THE DEVELOPER FINISHED!! If for no other reason than to see what one of these games look like at the other end it is worth playing. But it also is very much fun and has many H scenes followed by vampire kinks.

This game should have more comments then this! It is a fun game that allows much freedom of movement and choice of who and what to do day to day.  

Thank you for sharing. I, like many here cannot wait to see your talent unfold. Happy 2021, without any doubt this can be a momentous year for you and your work.

WOW! Nu'ar Game Studios has captured something here and they are not pushing out irrelevant images and words just to make an update. Truly unique and familiar at the same time. As others have said, this one will stay up front on my screen, anxiously waiting for further chapters to be created.

The free download is not working, just in case you are wondering why players still have not tried it out. It looks good and I think you did right by letting new players sample the goods before committing, but all for nothing if the link leads to a dead download. maybe you could post your Patreon site and let the free download happen through there?

The older version here looks pretty fun, great job. I will try out your newer one, if its like this one should be good.