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So after downloading , if you used itch it should be on the lower left hand of your screen, is it shown there?

Which type are you trying to open. mac or wind?

Right! I think that is one of the coolest GIFS.

Great sequence to the previous game with Val. Very good animations with the adult scenes.

Stay away from her until release number five. Then you have the option again and take it.

I hooked up with Grace, so still available.

Well deserved. I do not like starting games all over, it takes away the anticipation for me. But I just replayed to the fifth update on 'Going Rogue' and it was as good as the first time. I really hope you get the base you need to keep the game alive. Best of luck to you!

Come on! How is this game not at the very top list of adult games to play? This is so good and has a great story line to follow. To the devs. great job! Looking forward to the updates. Like your style

This is a uniquely drawn game with, what I would call, "the voices inside our head", element that separates this from all other games. For me, it struck me as funny to see some of the same thoughts I myself have had in my life, to be on screen. I liked it very much and hope to see more from this developer. Good luck.

I'm so glad to see your writing style IS your writing style (hope makes since to you). This new game promises to be as good or better than Now and Then, which really, I didn't think could happen. Good luck, enjoying the trip on this one.

Seems fair enough to me. 

Nine ways to Sunday and back.

WHAT? This must be a mistake. This game is the best and no reviews? Players must be getting jobs or something, only reason not to try this killer game. Eleven stars

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My Bully is my lover, mixed up with MBMR, also worth trying.

That is correct, after all if we all liked the same things then this game would be full of tentacles and an incredibly young man with a exceptionally large member. Enjoy the comments and the game.

For multiple play throughs! Unlike life, in games it is possible to get the first run all 0's and just come back and make different choices. This is how these kinds of games that are not all about the H content can survive. Enjoy the play-throughs and skip the walk-throughs. It is much more fun discovering things on your own.

Wow, have we been out of lockdown long enough to forget one of the best games to come from it? Just like all the other updates, this one is golden.

Okay, not here to bad mouth or judge any developer for trying to make their game the most it can be. I really liked this game when it went by another name. In fact, I was very much into how far it went before being renamed and placed on Steam. It is a fantastic story with a lot of characters put into the sprites. So, I am wishing R.G. good luck with this build and will watch to see if it keeps the same kind of heat it use to have.

My full pleasure. I am going o be reworking my developers i am supporting and you will definitely be getting my support.

I think I will. After leaving my comment and having some additional time, I have your other games in an earlier bundle. I really liked your style in those. 

It had a finishing act for me. In any regard, what was available to be entertaining and did not leave me wondering what would happen next.

I have not purchased it yet, but the graphics shown above look five stars. Congrats on the new release, hope it is as good as it looks.

Same as others here, just stumbled upon Reconnect. Felt like the developers style seemed familiar, was it ever! Nice job on this, just like your other. This one was a little different then the others but still had your flavor in it!!

OR, you can delete the Mega file on your computer and it will say 5 gb available to download again.

You take care of YOU, then when it is good for your state of mind, then you do this. Don't let the fans, supporters or inner voices burn yourself out. It happens to too many good developers who do not have their priorities right. Good luck!!

Got nothing to lose but a fun time! The developer has really shined through here. Has good character builds, story is consistent & the adult content is prime. 

New story with new characters. Both are looking good. Very few grammar issues, nothing to take away from the story line. Not many choices to start out with but it feels like the developer is creating his story/game and needs certain steps to happen in order to make it all work. Likely updates will have more choice matters decisions. Worth a walk through.

has an innovative approach to an old game type. Hopefully, they get the subs they should have for this kind of work!!

Damn! Talk about a game not getting enough coverage! This game is hot as hell and is in a new way of playing. i really like the story mode. Can't wait till the update. Hope you get your game out to the subs some more. Excellent job developer AceX

Good for you for not giving in to the burn! The way you approached the issue is to be admired. Do not worry about release dates, keep bettering yourself and it will all come out in the end.

If I may, I do not see where you should have any concerns. The price of your game here is higher than the Patreon paid you, so therefore they will only have access to see your game here, not play it for free, unless you make it free. This is just another way to broaden the base you reach. So many here do not know to check for Patreon and vice versus. I think it will be a win-win for you.

Just my opinion. I do not work for either of these two.

Good luck on your game

Someone(badtimetales) made a good adult VN game! Not the run of the mill here, different sprites and theme. Looks good, hopefully they continue. Good Luck!!

Just finished the update and nice work in sticking with what you started out with. I can't wait to see Mary Ann getting what she has had coming to her for over 50 years lol!!

This game is good, if it is the start for the developer. The layout and speed of the game needs improving. No possible way to speed up text, this makes for a slow read and hard to complete. Further more, the story is written to the MC who acts like they also have never been to the time/world they are in. This feeling comes from having to explain to the MC who the police are in their home town.
But for a first or second attempt, good job. Good luck with future.

Pixieblink has a style that once played it can be recognized almost immediately. This is true to his gaming skills. Comedy with a sexual innuendo in the air but not forced into the scenes. Support pixieblink if you like it, these games cost money and it is always a shame when the players don't back the developer.

The Naughty Captain developer has really made one of the better adult games period. The time put in to release finished updates that stay true to the original story is so rare. Hopefully, supporters, who can give some support to Patreon. Too many good makers fall to the abyss due to lack of supporters. Can't wait for the next release.

In an odd way it makes it better to have found life experience. I offer you my condolences as well. You might have been bogged down inside at one time but clearly have climbed out of it. Good luck with this and all ever ventures you set out on. I learned how to enjoy life for her and me, you can too. Thanks again.

Very interesting story that proves to sink the player deeper and deeper into its plot!