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I am beyond hyped, I have always loved your work!

Looks super interesting! Cant wait to see where this project goes :D

Omg, adding a theme song would be wonderful! I LOVE moments where i hear a theme and have the irresistible urge to play through the game again! (On my 4th playthrough of Echo...). Theme songs to me really makes important scenes super impactful, especially a theme that your audience can tie into your brand/game. I think that's the beauty of a VN compared to a normal book, visuals and sound! 

Also you definitely should feel proud of this project you got going! Its amazing! No matter if an update is delayed, the vn is never completed, or if a hiatus happens. The game exists, and with such great quality, it is forever apart of the burgeoning furry VN story telling platform! Kind of like a legacy haha! You are impacting so many people every day who want to get lost into a world created in SUCH a niche group of the VN community. 

I have completely believe this has potential to be "one of the greats" of the current/new generation of furry VNs, obviously the pioneer VNs of the past like Echo, Nekojishi, Extracurricular activities will always be the OG cornerstones. To allot of people, especially newer furry's, developers like yourself are going to be the first furry vn storytellers they encounter. As an older member of the fandom i'd like to say, the new members of the furry fandom, lgbtq community, or VN community, are in for a treat when they read your work! 

Super sorry if this message is cringe, i don't comment often. When i do, i want the developer to be impacted. Even if its the last thing i comment, i leave the fandom, or i fall out of love with the VN genre. Knowing i helped motivate a developer in continuing to be apart of a niche creative movement...kinda makes me feel like im helping in your legacy aha! 

Ok essay over, i hope i muster the courage to comment again! If not, then you best bet i'll be here playing every update in all your games! I wish you all the best in the future to you and any reader of this kinda cringe essay <3. 

Can't wait! I just know 4.0 is gonna be amazing!

You work and ethic and passion are infectious, I love it! Thanks for always keeping it real with us! Can't wait to check this chapter out :D 

Its fine, it's not worth putting out something you yourself are not happy with, so i'm happy to wait! 

Really great so far! 

Really loving it so far! Its got me hooked!

Art is amazing and the premise is super interesting! Can't wait for more!