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The tutorial can last as long as you want. It only changes the way the game starts and tells you that you can launch after 30 days have passed in game. Might do well to know what you are talking about before trying to imply people are stupid as it only shows negative implications about yourself.
The point was that the game is enjoyable and you can just lose 5 hours playing getting absorbed in the game right away and even if you can leave your first planet by building a rocket often you will want to expand and build more than just the bare minimum needed to pass the tutorial. There is no reason you couldn't spend 200 days or more playing the tutorial many players on the discord seem to have done so and while the start differs slightly only the end game progression and all other aspects of the game are the same on a tutorial world or normal world.

MewnBase community · Created a new topic Loving this game

Got this game as well as part of the Ukraine bundle thought it looked neat and tried it out and immediately was absorbed in it spent at least 5 hours the first night playing through the tutorial. So much fun and the developer seems active and helpful in trying to make the game better. I highly suggest buying a copy if you are reading this.