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Hey! Thank you. I never expected someone to play this ever again haha but this means a lot.

PS: sorry for the bugs.

Tested on PC and that's a great Die & Retry game. I really like the graphics too.

The concept is really interesting and makes good use of the One Button constraint. This makes for a cool rythm game.

Hey! I'm glad you played it and enjoyed it. It's indeed something I would like to keep working on because there are a lot of ideas I couldn't make into the jam timeframe. That's a nice starting ground nonetheless especially since the level-design tools I would need to make the game just need some polish to be easily usable.

I'll sure be considering this in the future.

You need to create a page for the game on your account firts and then you can submit that to the jam.

Same here. That was my first jam and I'm really surprise I managed to make the game I pictured in my head come alive in 2 weeks. It was a great experience!

Thank you Professor!

Thanks a lot for the kind words. My level-building tools are a nightmare to use but I'm hoping I'll be able to make all the content I want and to polish it before the end of the Jam. It's pretty short but a pretty good demo I think.