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Thank you :D

nice graphics and gameplay

the art looks beautiful but the application seems to have some flickering issue. 

the sensitivity was so fast that I had to surgically move my mouse to prevent my character's neck from snapping off lol. cool beans though, i would eat them. respect for sticking through the game jam and not quiting, i could learn a thing or two ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Glad you enjoyed it :)

Decent gameplay. I feel this sort of game might work good on a phone too.

Your game has a problem with player collision as the player falls through most of the platforms. Good luck with developing the game though!

I give you my condolences headphone users...

Unfortunately it seems that Unreal Engine requires me to use a computer running macOS to package any game to their operating system and I don't have access to any computers running it, Which is a shame.

I'm currently away from my computer but in about a week I'll be back so I'll see what I can do :)

Yep that did the trick!

Good on ya mate

The motorbike mechanics are great and the artstyle. I have some feedback. The camera is clipping through everything as I'm sure you're aware which needs fixing. Also the music doesn't go well with it at all for a racing game. It looks quite promising overall so good luck! 

Music and art are great. I'm guessing you're not still developing this game as you have stated it above but the concept for the mechanics is pretty cool so maybe one day you'll return to it. Good luck with your future games!

Pretty simple  and fun little sidescroller shooter you got here. The powerups are great. I know this is just a prototype so an end game feature would be a nice addition to the game. Good luck!

Very challenging indeed lol. Love the graphics and atmosphere in the game however I have some gripes with the controls. I feel like the up arrow key might be more user friendly to jump instead of spacebar, however it does add more of a challenge so it's up to you. I look forward to seeing this game develop so good luck my friend. 

Just went into the game and it was flashing like crazy until I changed graphics settings to low. I know the game is in a very early state so lots of bugs are to be expected but you need to state a seizure warning somewhere for people with epilepsy or you could cause someone to have a seizure. Anyways, good luck with your game.

Really appreciate the support thank you :)

For sure I'll definitely check it out.

Ah thanks for the reply, didn't know unity let you edit keys in their launcher. Gonna check this game out in a bit.

Keyboard and mouse support would be nice, It looks interesting

Pretty challenging little game you got here. I managed to get past all 3 levels though!

Can't seem to walk forwards on keyboard for some reason? Looks like an interesting game though

Look forward to seeing it! Thanks for taking your time to play it :)

Really like the artstyle and feel of this game.

I think unlimited ammo for the pistol would be nice though, as I found myself running out of ammo and charging into the enemies in the search for ammo and just dying, which can make the game a bit frustrating. Also theres a bug when you restart the level it keeps the same amount of ammo and the weapons you had on you when you died unless you exit the game.

Other than that it has tons of potential, so keep it up!

Pretty neat little game with nice simple graphics.

I feel like the gun should be on the right hand side of the screen instead of the left as it felt a bit odd because in most fps games the gun is on the right, but it's completely up to you. Also it would be nice if the game had an end goal, say if you reach a certain number of points.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for checking out my game bro, glad you enjoyed it! The vid was hilarious xD

Pretty original game concept you got here!

The two things I would improve on are that I think the enemies take too much damage to kill and there are a few collision problems where the player gets stuck for some reason. Other than that I think the artstyle is really good and so is the music. Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for the feedback! The iron sights don't let you look up and down because of the way I implemented the iron sights with the blueprints within unreal engine, It would take quite a bit of time to resolve that but I have learnt from my mistakes and in any future games I make it shouldn't be an issue. Thanks for the info on the reload aswell, I think you mean the sound it made even if you had a full clip and that you shouldn't be able to reload while shooting, something I could definitely fix.  Anyways, I'll make sure to check out any projects you're working on in the future for the help!