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I'm having issues trying to install this using the Itch app for windows. I click on install, and wait, but even ten minutes or so later, the damn thing doesn't show which files could be installed. It's stuck in the loading phase.

I mean, it supports "dance pads", which are basically just bigger game controllers. You can theoretically play games with just a dance pad, or you could with the PS2 one, at least.

Oh, and no game logo, best I can tell.

Chrome has issues with, constantly making files bigger than 900-some Megs fail, then when it tries to re-download, you get an error saying "Failed - Forbidden". It's why I asked for a smaller download size previously (I'm not the original poster, just saying something I posted back before version 13 -ish). Now we just need to get a proper icon with the compressed version, instead of the default Ren'Py Games logo...

Well, there's two ways for android. One requires you to back up the save using your built in files manager, the other requires downloading the compressed APK. If you download the Compressed instead of the 1+gig file, you can install over top of your previous installation.

With the other, you have to go into android, then data then find the CoR folder (I think it's under "Zimon" now...?) and copy all the files from that to a separate folder, then delete the app to install the new one, then open the app once, kill the app (use the square/hamburger thing, the three lines, in other words, then swipe up on CoR), then find that CoR folder again, and copy the files back into it, overwriting any newer files. Not sure that the saves work for all versions of CoR, since even Zimon said that you'd need to delete your previously existing save to use the new features without bugs in a previous post.

Yeah, I found it. Took a bit of figuring out which post it was. Kinda wish there was a "sticky" option for Patreon posts.

Is it in a free user post? I won't be able to see it if it's not.

Can you include a compressed version of the APK? I can't download things bigger than 900 megabytes in size on Android, using Chrome. If there was a MEGA link, I could download it through that, but...

There's no Compressed apk.  You usually include one. I can't download the game on Android through Chrome unless it's less than a gig in size.

If you haven't installed it... try downloading it to your device from the MEGA app, then going into whatever your phone has as a file manager (usually called "my files", "files", or "file manager") and navigating to wherever you set it to download the app, then tapping on the APK to install it. You may need to set extra permissions to install it. Once it's installed, you're good to go.

If you've already installed it, I have absolutely no clue how to help you there. You may need to delete the application from your device, then backup your device, and factory reset it, and try again. Make sure everything you want to keep (like other apps' saves) is backed up first, I can't stress this enough. Heck, it may just be that your phone needs a restart. Or that your phone can't run it due to minimum requirements.

Have you tried the portal in the bedroom?

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I had an error happen. I'd gotten some credits from ero-attacking the bandits in the fighting ring (easy win, by the way), and had gone to go get a tattoo. Here's where the error happened. Or rather, the glitch happened. When I was selecting the tattoo, there was no option to actually select the tattoo. I was essentially soft-locked in the tattoo selection screen.

Edit: forgot to mention, I'm playing this on the latest version of Android. I downloaded the APK a few days ago, and only just started playing today.

Try using the official app for windows. I know that works for me

Hopefully this compressed version changes the app icon back to what it was before the update to .29a...The previous version allowed the game to be downloaded on Android, and updated without needing to delete the previously installed version, but it definitely broke the app icon, turning it into the default Ren'Py port icon.

Okay... but how do I download the updated version? There's literally no option to do so on this page. It says the files were uploaded about 5 hours ago...

I found a bit of a workaround forthat. You will need to copy the files folder from the Android/Data/com.hellgames.Champion folder, if you have saved data, then put it somewhere you'll find it easily. From there, you'll need to delete the app (hence why I said to copy that folder; it has your save data in it, because when you delete stuff on android, it'll delete the save data as well, unlike Windows). After that, install Champion from the APK, and then open it at least once. You might not even need to start a new file. After that, kill the app from your process list, and check to make sure the folder I mentioned earlier on in this comment is there. If it is, great, just copy that "files" folder you backed up back into the Champion folder, replacing the folder already there. From there, you should be able to play from your last save.

To reiterate, here's the steps:

1) Go to the files app on your android device.

2) From there, open up Android/data/com.hellgames.champion, and copy the files folder from that location to somewhere you'll find it again.

3) Delete the old version of Champion, and reinstall from the APK.

4) Once that's done, open the app, and get to the title screen at the very least. 

4a) Just in case, go back to your files app, and check that data folder for the com.hellgames.champion folder.if it's there, great, just kill the kill the app, and proceed to the next numerical step.

4b) If the folder isn't there, start a new game, and the first chance you get, save the game. I'm not certain how the save system works on Android, having never owned one until last month, hence why I'm including this just in case.

5) When you see the folder is Champion folder is there, Copy that Files folder you copied earlier in the steps to the Champion folder, replacing the existing "files" folder.

6) Profit? I guess? If you followed all those steps, you should still have your save files available to you. This has worked for me so far.

Hopefully that was helpful. And that it wasn't too wordy for you.

So I've now got the game on my android phone... And it has become clear that it really isn't optimised well for phones, UI size-wise. I have tempered glass on my screen, and the buttons at the bottom are *just* small enough that I have a really hard time poking them. And I've noticed several errors in the game's dialogue, mostly grammatical errors. It's clear you need an editor for the game's script. I'd be willing to help, so long as I get credit for editing in the credits screen. No need to pay me, that credit alone will be good, if you take me up on my offer. Oh, and if you need someone to test the APK versions, i've got both an Android tablet, and the aforementioned phone. I'd probably need to buy a memory card for the tablet, though. 16 gigs of storage, and the only memory card I have for it is faulty. Most of the storage for the tablet is being taken up by system stuff, about 10 gigs worth or so.

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I'm getting this too. It's super annoying. I'm going to check and see if there's an official app for the phone, because if there is, that might let me download it without that issue.

Okay, I just recently found this after finding a reddit post with this game in it in r/AndroidNSFWGaming, or something like that, and I wish I could pay more for it, but I've only got, like,  $3 in my account at the moment. So I went with the $1 amount. I also wish that the $3 tier on Patreon wasn't so limited in quantity. I'm looking forward to playing the game, but not the persistent 1.6-some gig download on a 5Megs/sec download Wi-Fi connection. I can just tell it's gonna take almost a day to download the whole thing, with how slow the actual speed is. Good luck with the next public update.